November 30, 2022


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6 Gifts for College Students: Dorm Room Edition

Are you shopping for a college student this holiday season and hunting for the perfect gift? College students are notoriously low on cash and while it’s tempting to get them a gift they can have fun with, practical gifts are likely to get much more use and be a welcome surprise (because they won’t end up needing to purchase it for themselves). From humidifiers to headphones, read on for six gift ideas for college students they can use in their dorm rooms. 

1. Humidifiers

Living in a dorm can come with a host of health problems because living in close quarters with dozens of people means sickness is more easily spread. Humidifiers are a great way to protect college students by boosting their immune systems to help them fight illnesses (especially when it’s needed most during the cold seasons) and assist in finding better sleep quality. Dorm rooms tend to get hot and dry during the winter and an ultrasonic humidifier helps deliver moist air to alleviate dry skin or a dry throat while reducing swelling in nasal passages for better breathing. 

2. Slippers

One of the common words of warning for new college students is to ensure they wear slippers in the shower. This practice helps prevent the spread of fungal infections that can often happen when a large group of people is sharing a space. It’s not just the shower that’s a good place for slippers, but while navigating throughout the dorm as well. As a gift for college students, consider a pair of cozy slippers or practical shower shoes (particularly those that are slip-resistant).  

3. Makeup Mirror

Sharing a bathroom with dozens of other people can prove challenging because often these spaces aren’t equipped to handle a large number of people at one time. For people who enjoy doing their makeup or skincare and need a place to do that with a mirror, it is likely not going to be convenient to do it in a bathroom, so they need to use their room. A makeup mirror, particularly a lighted makeup mirror, will make that much easier to manage. Makeup mirrors tend to be small, so they can fit easily on a desk while doing makeup or skincare and stow away nicely. 

4. Mini Coffee Maker

In most cases, college students don’t have access to a dining facility in their building. This is especially true for freshman and sophomore college students who are living in a traditional dorm building that is not equipped with kitchen facilities. Campus-provided facilities such as a dining hall or coffee shop are usually within walking distance and sometimes off-campus facilities are even further away. Having a coffeemaker right there in their dorm room will be a welcome convenience. 

Whether they are needing some caffeine before class or are trying to stay alert during a late-night study session, they can whip up a cup of coffee without having to spend time leaving their room. Try to find a mini-sized coffee maker that won’t take up too much room, as dorms tend to have very limited space. 

5. Cozy Bedding

Beds in dorm rooms are notoriously uncomfortable so it takes some strategic technique to make them as comfortable as possible. Help them get better sleep so they can excel in their classes by providing them with any (or all) of these cozy bedding options. A mattress pad is step number one in making a dorm mattress more comfortable, as they tend to be very thin, to begin with. 

Cozy blankets are essential for staying warm and cozy. Consider getting a blanket set that features a comforter as well as a throw blanket that they can use throughout their dorm room as well. Pillows, of course, are a must and often several pillows help make the bed seem cozier. Another pillow option you might not consider otherwise is a backrest pillow. Some college students find themselves studying or working on their beds (because sitting at a desk can get uncomfortable) and a backrest pillow provides them with comfort in doing so. 

6. Noise-Canceling Headphones

For a gift that’s practical and fun, noise-canceling headphones are a wonderful option. Dorm rooms tend to be rather loud due to the number of people living there, which can make studying difficult. To help the college student in your life focus amid the chaos, gift them noise-canceling headphones. They can slip on the headphones, put their head down, and get to work without distractions. As a bonus, this gift can easily be used outside of the dorm room, so they can get plenty of use out of it. 


With any of these gift ideas, be prepared to have a very grateful college student on your hands as they will be sure to love it.