July 23, 2024


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Enjoying Less Cancer – Watch TV Shows in Projectors Instead of TVs

Enjoying Less Cancer – Watch TV Shows in Projectors Instead of TVs

We, as humans really enjoy watching TV shows that depict the human life. This is because most TV shows depict a picture of what is close to a perfect life, and that though there are still problems but there is always a resolution in the end. What you are not completely aware of as you are watching this beautiful TV show is that you are being destroyed slowly and unknowingly and painlessly. How? Radiation, one of the leading causes of vision problem and cancer.

How do we get radiation as we enjoy our daily dose of entertainment? CRT TV is the culprit. CRT stands for cathode-ray tube TV and this type of TV utilizes cathode rays to create images in the front screen. This mechanism emits radiation that is why the advisable distance to watch is about 10 feet away. 10 feet are quite a distance, say you own a 21 inch TV set, and at 10 feet. What will you still see? How can you enjoy your favorite TV show? Well, that would be hard to do right? So what we commonly do is get close to the TV set and that exposes ourselves more to this deadly radiation. Another problem with the CRT TV is its shape. Most if not all CRT TV is in concave shape, which bends the light and distorts the image projected on the screen. This, in turn will cause a strain in the eyes that can eventually cause damage your eyes slowly. For this reason, many health conscious people will choose to avoid watching their favorite TV shows just to avoid these harmful effects.

What can we do to avoid any harmful effects to the body while still enjoying our favorite TV shows? Well, the projector is the answer. Instead of using the conventional CRT TV, use a projector. A projector has a bigger screen size compared to a regular TV. It also has better definition, and most importantly, it does not emit any harmful radiation. A projector is just like the old overhead projector that uses light to deliver the images to a flat surface to visualize these images. Unlike the conventional CRT TV, the projector can accommodate more viewers at the same time and that will save you electricity. It can also be used for a variety of other purposes apart from watching your favorite TV shows. It can be used for seminars to deliver power point presentations, slides and video clips. It can also be used for receptions in weddings and birthdays to air to the visitors the special moments that the celebrant has. This is the versatility of a projector compared to your CRT TV.

Judging the two, I will really have to say that the projector is the way more worthy than your CRT TV. You can enjoy all the conventional uses of the TV such as watching your favorite TV shows, plus other functions without having the same harmful effects to your body. Though the projector might cost a bit more than a small TV, the advantage is worth the price. So think which is more important. Is it your money or your health?