In an unexpected email sent to the press, Google has teased its upcoming Nest Home speaker. Given the timing, we can expect it to make an appearance at the next Made By Google event – which normally takes place sometime in October. Not long before Google outed its new Nest speaker, photos of the device surfaced on a Japanese database website.

Images revealed by FCC documents
Images revealed by FCC documents
Images revealed by FCC documents

Images revealed by FCC documents

The new Nest speaker fits in well with its other Nest Home speakers in terms of design. It’s got a soft design with rounded corners and its covered in the same fabric seen on the Nest Home Mini and the Nest Home Max. The new speaker will succeed the original Google Home speaker – the one that looks like an air freshener.

Google teases its upcoming Nest Home speaker following certification images

A short teaser video was also shared by Google showing the speaker off in three different colors: gray, pink, and a bluish gray color.

It will take a lot more than a new smart home speaker to impress us once Google’s hardware event comes around. Last year, we already knew everything about the Google Pixel 4 XL beforehand, and we the overall event felt forced and mundane. This year, we expected the midrange Pixel 4a back in May, but perhaps with the iPhone SE’s surprise launch, Google seems to be waiting for the right moment.

Alleged leaked renders of Pixel 5
Alleged leaked renders of Pixel 5 XL

Alleged leaked renders of Pixel 5 (left) and Pixel 5 XL (right)

The Pixel 5 is also expected to arrive this year, but as a premium-midrange device. Google hasn’t seen much success in the high-end market, so it seems to be making some strategic moves this time around.


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