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Lenovo Legion arrives for pre-order, key specs confirmed

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The Lenovo Legion gaming phone will be unveiled on July 22, and today, seven days ahead of the launch, the phone is up for pre-order/reservation in China. The landing page on Lenovo’s website includes some of the key specs of the phone – Snapdragon 865+ chipset and ultra-fast wireless charging.

We already know the phone is going to be a horizontally-oriented gaming-centric handset, and the aesthetics of the images confirm the previous leaks. The device will have a mid-frame architecture for better grip and cooling, and will come with a second USB-C port on the long side, so the cable is always out of the way.

Promo images on: Screen refresh rate
Promo images on: Dual X-Axis linear motor
Promo images on: 90W charging
Promo images on: Internal architecture

Promo images on: Screen refresh rate • Dual X-Axis linear motor • 90W charging • Internal architecture

Having two USB-C ports will allow Lenovo to introduce 90W Super Flash Charge that should top up simultaneously both power cells that are said to have a total capacity of 5,000 mAh. The architecture of the phone will also have dual X-axis linear motor for vibration, while the screen will bring a 144 Hz refresh rate, provided the game supports it.

Pricing remains the big question here as well as if Lenovo is going to launch a discounted version developed with a specific carrier or major gaming partner, just like Asus and Tencent did with the ROG Phone II in China.

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