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Lenovo Legion’s 90W charger can fully fill the battery in 30 minutes

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The Lenovo Legion will be unveiled two days from now and it will set a record for fast charging. Currently, the most powerful fast charger is Oppo’s 65 W system. Lenovo will top that with its 90 W “Twin Turbo” system.

This will fully charge the Legion’s 5,000 mAh battery in 30 minutes, claims the latest teaser from Lenovo. As with other fast charging setups, the battery is split into two cells to double the charging speed.

Lenovo Legion’s 90 W fast charger can fill its battery in half an hour

The company has implemented 16 security checks to ensure all that power remains under control. Also, since the phone has two USB-C ports – one on the “bottom” and one on the “side” – you can charge while you play regardless of whether you hold the phone vertically or horizontally (the Legion has been optimized for horizontal use, so which side is the “bottom” is debatable).

Lenovo Legion Pro renders on JD.com
Lenovo Legion Pro renders on JD.com
Lenovo Legion Pro renders on JD.com

Lenovo Legion Pro renders on JD.com

The Lenovo Legion will have a 144 Hz screen, the most powerful speakers of any phone, dual linear vibration motors and a pop-up selfie camera on the long side of the phone (so it can be used when the phone is horizontal). And it will be powered by a Snapdragon 865+ chipset. Check back on Wednesday for the official pricing and launch info.

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