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More evidence of Apple’s folding iPhone appears

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With the successful launch of Samsung’s folding smartphones in 2020 with the Z Fold2 and Z Flip (along with a kind of messy launch in 2019 with the original Galaxy Fold), other companies are pressured to come up with a device that might have some folding element to it. Rumors as early as 2017 have suggested that Apple has been working on an iPhone device with a folding form factor.

The latest evidence comes from leakster Ice Universe and if it is to be believed, Apple is apparently in talks with Samsung Display for foldable screen samples and “hopes to exclusively supply the amount for one year.” As per this and previous reports dating back to early last year, Apple has already been working on prototypes for a folding touchscreen device.

Apple's patent for folding device from this past JulyApple’s patent for folding device from this past July

Apple is still in the development phase, and likely hasn’t settled on a design for such a device, should it even arrive to the market. Since the rumors started, at least two (1,2)patents have already surfaced, giving us a rough idea of what the phone could look like. Back in June, another leaker Jon Prosser tweeted about the folding iPhone’s design.

Such a folding iPhone might have a hinge and two displays – much like the Surface Duo. We have doubts that Apple would release a folding device with hinges – not when Samsung has a display that actually bends and creases. Perhaps Apple isn’t willing to put a product out that might immediately appear inferior to its biggest competitor’s.

iPhone 12 display sizes anticipatediPhone 12 display sizes anticipated

Apple is holding a launch event next week where we are expecting to hear about at least two new Apple Watches, four new iPhone 12 models, a new iPad Air, new HomePod speaker, Apple TV hardware, and possible a new pair of Apple-branded headphones. AirTags are expected to make an appearance as well.


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