The 2nd-generation Pixel Buds are getting their first “feature drop”. This update (first of [hopefully] more) will unlock new options and features for the Pixel Buds.

In a Blog post, Google highlighted three new features: bass boost, sharing detection, new translate transcription features, Attention Alerts, and a new Find My Device feature.

In addition, the colors are now available from Google in three new colors. After initially launching in Clearly White, the Buds can now be purchased in Oh So Orange, Quite Mint, and Almost Black.

The Pixel Buds weren’t known for delivering bass-heavy sound – a preference had by many consumers – so Google added a new bass boost option. There’s also a share detection mode that can be toggled in the Buds settings. This allows you each Bud to have individual control of the volume for those times you might be sharing a Bud with a friend or loved one. You can change the volume by swiping up or down on either Pixel Bud.

New Pixel Buds feature drop arrives along with more color options

Attention alerts is a new experimental feature that will automatically lower the volume of your music when the Buds hear a triggering sound like a crying baby, barking dog, or emergency vehicle sirens.

There’s a new feature with the Buds that adds functionality to the Translate app’s conversation mode. The translated speech from a device will be transcribed and fed into the Buds audio. The first languages supported will be French, German, Italian, and Spanish for translating speech in English.

New Pixel Buds feature drop arrives along with more color options

The Pixel Buds will now support Find My Device. In addition to being able to ring your earbuds so you can hear where they are, Google’s Find My Device will be able to show you a map of the last location your Buds were connected to an Android device.

Finally, you’ll be able to ask Google Assistant for the Buds battery life and ask it to disable the touch controls.


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