A new update has begun rolling out in the US for the OnePlus 8 Pro with June security patch and a few notable changes and improvements. Last week, OnePlus released this update for Europe and India, and the update is now arriving to the United States and has arrived to our unit as

The release notes for the OTA are very similar to the notes from last week. In India, the Photochrom camera was re-enabled after being temporarily disabled, triggered by reports that the camera could see through clothes and plastic in some situations. Meanwhile, it was never turned off in the US. The notes do mention “adjusted Photochrom filter”, which was outlined last week in a statement from OnePlus.

The updated Photochrom filter uses data about the lighting conditions collected by the Color Filter Camera to generate photos with the main camera. Filter intensity differs under different lighting scenarios.

The update includes general fixes like improved battery life, general optimization, battery charging fixes and a bug that occurred with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video was fixed. Aside from the Photochrom camera, the notes also mention an improved “shooting experience with the camera and improved stability”.

OnePlus 8 Pro June update arrives to the US with battery improvements, limits Photochrom camera

For the US, the update also enables support for the Visible network, with improved Wi-Fi and optimized network latency.

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