Samsung has started taking reservations for “the next Galaxy” through its official US site, and we all know that means the Note20 and Note 20 Ultra. It’s important to keep in mind that a reservation is not the same thing as a pre-order. In fact, if you reserve, you will “enjoy private access to pre-order the next Galaxy”, according to Samsung’s wording.

This seems to imply that there will be a pre-pre-order period, just for the people who went through the reservation process. Additionally, if you reserve you will receive a $50 instant credit when you complete your pre-order.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra leaked image

The reservation information required is your name, email, ZIP code, and optionally phone number, as well as a preference towards a specific carrier or buying unlocked. All in all, it seems pretty easy to do, and doesn’t seem to come with any strings attached (aside from the fact that Samsung can email you promotional stuff).

So if you’re anxiously anticipating the moment when you will be able to purchase a Galaxy Note20 or Note20 Ultra, why not reserve one at the Source linked below and get $50 off its price if you decide to pre-order? If you’re interested in details about the upcoming phones, both the Note20 and Note20 Ultra leaked in depth recently, and earlier today comprehensive camera info has been outed too. The official announcement is on August 5, at Samsung’s first ever online-only Unpacked event.

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