July 23, 2024


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AnTuTu benchmarks apps are no longer available on Google Play Store

AnTuTu is a benchmarking application that allows users to compare the performance of their smartphones and tablets. The platform is a staple in the marketing campaigns of many Chinese manufacturers, and we at GSMArena.com use it in our reviews.

During the weekend, all apps of the company, including AnTuTu 3DBench, AnTuTu Benchmark, and AITutu Benchmark (for AI features) disappeared from the Play Store (they are still available at Apple’s App Store). While Google is not saying what caused the removal, many are speculating it is part of a broader wipeout of all apps connected to the developer Cheetah Mobile.

AnTuTu benchmarks apps are no longer available on Google Play Store

Following the media reaction, AnTuTu officials, including CEO Zhao Chen, contacted via email whoever they can, clarifying the connection between Cheetah Mobile and AnTuTu. According to a lengthy email filled with emphases and plenty of exclamation marks, AnTuTu is older than Cheetah Mobile and the developer is only a shareholder since 2014.

The Cheetah Mobile company “has never touched” the Google Play account of AnTuTu and the benchmark “has NOT done any promotion” of the developer’s software. Chen revealed his company believes the misjudgment is because the Privacy Policy link is using a Cheetah Mobile address at cmcm.com.

AnTuTu benchmarks apps are no longer available on Google Play Store

The chairman of Cheetah Mobile is also on the board of directors at AnTuTu, but the benchmark representative said this is a requirement by the investor, but he doesn’t participate in the operation or the management of AnTuTu. AnTuTu is still trying to work out the issue with Google.

Currently, if you go on AnTuTu’s website and try to download the benchmark apps through the Google Play banner, you will actually download an APK file straight to your device. The installation is pretty straightforward for a third-party application and you won’t have any issues measuring how your phone performs if you are one of those people that rely on benchmarks.


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