March 3, 2024


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Samsung Galaxy S20 in for review

The Samsung Galaxy S20 and the Galaxy S20 5G are arguably the best choices for a small flagship phone at the moment and it just so happens that they are going to be the focal point of our incoming review.

Samsung has made a big improvement to the Galaxy S20 battery. It’s a 4,000mAh unit, which is 600mAh bigger than the Galaxy S10’s. You could make the argument that the increase is meant to counter the doubled screen refresh rate and the more power hungry chipset, but the Galaxy S20 should still give you a longer running time than its predecessor.

Samsung Galaxy S20 in for review

Samsung has reserved the 108MP Nonacell and the 4x periscope cameras for the Galaxy S20 Ultra but the Galaxy S20 still got an all-new triple camera. Its main 12MP camera loses the variable aperture lens of its predecessor but gains a much larger sensor and thus larger individual pixels (plus it retains the Dual Pixel autofocus, which the Ultra lacks).

Zoom photos are covered by a 64MP camera with yet another big sensor. It isn’t a true zoom camera but rather achieves its 3x magnification through cropping. This is also the camera book profits that does 8K video. We’ll be getting into the details of this camera in our full review, so stay tuned.

Finally, there’s the new 12MP ultrawide – it also has gained a bigger sensor, but sadly lacks autofocus. It’s still wider than most of its main competitors, though.

Samsung Galaxy S20 in for review

Finalizing the picture-perfect rendition of a flagship is the impeccable build quality and powerful internals. You get the usual elegant glass and metal body, thin bezels, machine-cut metal buttons, as well as a Snapdragon 865 or Samsung’s own Exynos 990. There’s also a 5G model, naturally.

Finally, and this is the key appeal here – the Galaxy S20 is compact. It’s about the same size as the Galaxy S10 and a bit taller than the Apple iPhone 11 Pro, but it is lighter, which makes it feel smaller. The Google Pixel 4 is smaller, but weighs the same, has a smaller screen, no ultrawide camera and no hope of beating the Galaxy S20 to the end of the work day, thanks to its measly 2,800mAh battery.

The review is already well underway and it should pop on our homepage later today – stay tuned!

Samsung Galaxy S20 in for review

The iPhone 11 Pro is a bit more expensive, too, which makes the Galaxy S20 the no-brainer best compact flagship phone for the money right now.

We’re knee-deep into the Galaxy S20 review so stay tuned for more of our coverage!

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