Index Ventures aims to aid HackCampus get students into startups

Index Ventures, one of the UK’s richest venture capital firms, has backed an initiative that’s aiming to get students interested in working for startups by way of an initiative identified as HackCampus. 

HackCampus is an organisation cofounded by Imperial student

Inside Amazon

Loose products move via Amazon’s center in yellow crates.

Some of the secrets behind Amazon’s phenomenal accomplishment as an on the internet retailer can be discovered inside a million-square-foot warehouse that sits amid bucolic scenery in the town of Robbinsville, …

Six teenagers arrested for using Lizard Squad’s DDoS service

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(PC- google images)
Six teenagers were recently arrested and later bailed on account of using the hacking tools of a certain Lizard Squad to breach softwares and websites, which included gaming companies, school servers and even newspapers.

The teenagers, aged

Meltdown-Proof Nuclear Reactors Get a Safety Verify in Europe

Molten salt reactors like this one particular, built at Oak Ridge, could be operating by the early 2020s.

For years nuclear scientists have talked about a revival of molten salt reactors, which are powered by a liquid fuel rather than

The Mystery of Devil's Kettle Falls

Devil's Kettle Falls

Photo: Captain Tenneal/Flickr

If you’ve ever worried that we’ve solved all the mysteries of nature, fear not. Minnesota’s Devil’s Kettle Falls has been puzzling hikers and geologists for generations. At the falls, along Lake Superior’s north shore, a river forks …

iOS malware steals over 225,000 Apple accounts to create free App Utopia

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Researcher from Palo Alto Networks, a computer security firm, have found out that hackers, who have targeting jail-broken iPhones, have raided more than 225,000 Apple accounts, using them for app buying sprees or to hold phones for ransom.
The jailbreak

Lizard Squad disrupt National Crime Agency website

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The internet site of National Crime Agency (NCA), a national law enforcement agency in the United Kingdom which replaced the Significant Organised Crime Agency, was temporarily down on Tuesday morning by attackers.
According to a news report published in The