April 23, 2024


Think spectacular technology

Accent your yard with the Mipow Playbulb Garden



Mipow takes a whimsical approach when it comes to lighting. Its existing lineup includes color-changing LEDs, bulbs with built-in speakers and smart . Now, the team is back with solar-powered lights designed to give your outdoor endeavors a little extra ambience.

This latest addition, appropriately dubbed Playbulb Garden, was recently launched on Kickstarter. The campaign has 31 days to go, but Mipow’s new product has already exceeded its $100,000 funding goal; at the current exchange rate that coverts to roughly £65,000 in the UK and AU$125,000 in Australia.

As with Mipow’s other LED devices, the Playbulb Garden is Bluetooth-enabled and works with the Playbulb X Android and iOS app. Playbulb X acts as a direct extension of the product, allowing you to make color and effects adjustments straight from your phone; you can control up to five Playbulb Garden lights with the same settings.

Instead of the typically-requisite batteries or power cord, these lights are equipped with solar panels that charge in sunlight, store energy in a lithium-ion battery and supposedly last for as much as 20 hours before needing another dose of vitamin D. These water-resistant LEDs also have built-in sensors that gauge ambient light and power the lights on and off automatically.



Mipow says that its Playbulb Garden lights are simple to install. Each one comes with two monopods. Attach one or both to the bottom of the product, depending on the particular height you’d like to achieve, download the app and follow the instructions for Bluetooth pairing.

Prices start at $19 for one light and go up to $209 for 10 lights (converted that’s £12, AU$24 up to £135, AU$265). Shipping is free within the US and international rates range from $5 to $28 depending on the size of your order (£3, AU$6 to £18,AU$35). The first Playbulb Garden batch is slated to ship to backers in May.

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