June 18, 2024


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AllBe1 brings DIY home security back to the basics


During a time when multiaccessory kits and third-party integrations are dominating the DIY security market, Israel-based startup AllBe1 is trying something a bit different. It’s streamlining home security with a single sensor-packed gizmo, available for worldwide preorder now on Indiegogo.

AllBe1’s small flagship device, also called AllBe1, looks relatively unobtrusive (despite its range of color options, which include orange, yellow, white and black). It reminds me of a bright bauble that you’d stick on a keychain to distinguish your set of keys from the rest — but there’s a lot hiding behind AllBe1’s basic exterior.

Like Sense Mother , a sensor-based product that we reviewed last year, AllBe1 seems equipped to tackle a wide variety of security, environmental and heath-related home automations. Specifically, the AllBe1 team says that its multifunctional device comes complete with temperature, UV, ambient light, infrared, proximity and motion sensors.

Want to know if your kid leaves the front yard? Use AllBe1 as a proximity tracker. Are you always misplacing your laptop? AllBe1 can pinpoint its location. It can alert you when someone opens a door, a window or a drawer, it can count your steps, record distance, and even monitor the UV level in the area and alert you if you need step up your vitamin D intake.

AllBe1 is supposedly durable enough to handle outdoor use, comes with Android and iOS app compatibility as well as built-in Bluetooth 4.0 tech and operates via a rechargeable battery that’s designed to last for up to 2 months on a single charge. And, it has a bunch of optional accessories, including a clip, a bracelet, a stand, a magnet and a necklace — so you have more control over how and when you use your AllBe1.


AllBe1 is also open-platform, so developers can create apps to extend its overall functionality, although there’s no mention of IFTTT, multiprotocol hubs or other smart-home integrations, like HomeKit or Brillo.

There are 16 days left on the campaign, but AllBe1 has already more than doubled its original $50,000 funding goal. The lowest price tier ($45 for one AllBe1, one stand, one clip and one necklace) is already sold out, but the $49 level is still available and comes with the same accessories (at the current exchange rate, that’s roughly £30 in the UK and AU$65 in Australia). Shipping within the US is free — an extra $10 charge will apply to send AllBe1 units internationally — and availability is slated for December.

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