May 24, 2024


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An Overview of Different Varieties of Window Blinds

A type of covering that can be used on doors and windows for a functional purpose are what are termed as window blinds. Quite a generic term, it has been particularly named to depict the exact function of what it has been designed to perform. Also known as shades or window covering, its special function is to prevent visibility or transparency. As windows and doors these days are generally created out of glass panes, they interiors are completely visible to anyone who gazes from the outside. These blinds ban the light from entering into the room and create a distinct amount of privacy.

Apart the functionality, it is also used for aesthetic purpose these days to provide a better appearance to the doors and windows. They consist of slats that is made of material such as wood, plastic, fiber or metal that can be rotated from a particular point in order to close or open them. The slats generally overlap when they close and vice versa. They are utilized to create an internal covering that can be controlled manually in order to open or close. Different varieties of window blinds are available these days that can be flawlessly used to fulfill the basic needs.

Some of them are:

Persian blinds: They consist of horizontal slats that are made from plastic or vinyl that are connected to each other through a string. The string can be rolled in order to change their positions.

Venetian blinds: These are perfect fit blinds where the slats can be rotated to 180 degrees in order to completely prevent any light from passing through them. It is too made of horizontal slats that can be overlapped or paralleled to close or open respectively. The material that is generally used to produce them is metal or wood.

Vertical blinds: Basically created out of thick plastic slats that are vertical in nature and are more preferable to horizontal slats in terms of efficiency and durability. They are also easy to operate and provide maximum protection from light, flies, smoke or anything from entering into the place.

Roller blinds: Thin, plastic slats that are available in roll stacks that can be attached to any type of doors and windows. They are pulled and attached to a hook to close a particular area and are tied with a spring so that they revert back by themselves once release from the hook. They are also one type of perfect fit blinds.

They are also available in different types of colors and varieties. The sizes are available for standard-sized doors and windows. Like mentioned earlier, to serve an aesthetic purpose, they have followed a more trendy approach and are available in different designs and colors to suit the interior of a particular house or office. Window blinds are a must use for today’s offices and corporate buildings where they are maximum used. They are a perfect substitute to curtains and are maintenance free so you do not have to worry about its cleanliness or operation.