June 13, 2024


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Analyzing Basic COSTS Of Home Ownership

Although, for most, home ownership is often, considered, a major component of the American Dream, if one wishes to ensure, it remains a dream, rather than becoming a nightmare, it makes sense to thoroughly, analyze, understand, consider, and be prepared for the COSTS of owning a home, of one’s own! There are many aspects, and considerations, including the original (origination) needs, such as the monies needed for the down – payment, and associated, closing costs, to the initial alternations (whether, major, or merely, minor and cosmetic, such as painting, re – finishing floors, etc), to future needs, and reserves, needed, for realities, such as alterations, renovations, repairs (structural and/ or, appliances), etc. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what some of these, may be, and why, a smart home buyer, is one, who is prepared, and aware!

1. Character; condition; continuing: Are you going to purchase, a so – called, fixer – upper, where you pay a lower purchase price, but, will need to do, more work/ alterations, or, one, which may be closer to, move – right – in? The present condition of the house, and, the specific, character, you seek, are significant factors! Be prepared to be aware of, and realistically, prepare for, present, continuing, and potential needs, and other financial considerations!

2. Options; optional; organized: One benefits from a prepared, organized approach, to the process! Know which options, you seek and want, and which are the highest priorities! When one differentiates optional necessities, from true needs, it’s easier to make wiser decisions!

3. Systems; service; solutions; schedule: Before buying any property, have a professional inspector or engineer, fully and carefully examine it, and report strengths, and weaknesses, thoroughly. Schedule the best order for you, based on a combination of your personal preferences, priorities, and needs, as well as financial considerations. Your personal solutions to this process, must be based, on what best, services, your specific situation, etc.

4. Tastes; trends; taxes: When considering your financial needs, pay attention to real estate taxes, but, remember, these normally, increase, over – time! Are there any trends, which you feel, might be beneficial, and affordable, for you? How might your personal tastes, impact this process?

5. Strengths; system: Use your strengths, and address your personal weaknesses, using a system, which works, with your tastes, priorities, and financial challenges/ obstacles!

Before buying a house, take the time to consider and analyze, your basic COSTS, associated with home ownership! Become a smart home buyer!