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Best Buy Drops Massive Discounts on the Apple Watches Series 3, 4, and 5

Which Apple Watch to buy? Is the latest Series 5 worth the premium price tag, or should you select the Series 3 instead? Are they that much different from the Series 4? These questions need answering, and we’re here to help you out. We’ve rounded up all three Apple Watches for you to examine and, what’s more, you can get them on Best Buy at awesome discounted prices. So go ahead and peruse which Apple Watch suits you best and save up to $100 when you buy one today.

Apple Watch Series 3 – $199

Syncing the Apple Watch Series 3 to your iPhone via Bluetooth allows you to receive real-time notifications and music playback control. You can get notified of calls, text messages, and social media alerts even if your phone is tucked away in your bag. This smartwatch doesn’t have a built-in eSim card though, so you cannot make phone calls on your wrist. For that, you need to spend a few extra bucks and get the cellular version instead.

The Apple Watch Series 3 is a very reliable fitness tracker. It boasts a gamut of health-centric sensors, including a heart rate monitor, accelerometer, and gyroscope. With this watch you can track a multitude of activities, like walking, running, swimming, and cycling. When you’ve been sitting for too long, this watch will remind you to get off your feet and take a brief walk. It also helps you relieve pent-up stress through the Breathe mindfulness feature. All health stats and metrics are aggregated in the Activity app.

This smartwatch comes with a strap band called a “Sports Loop.” It has a simple hook-and-eye system that’s guaranteed to fit all wrist sizes. The band is replaceable if you wish to get other styles, colors, and even materials. The watch face is also fully customizable, with a variety of designs to suit your personality.

The most affordable (and least feature-packed) Apple Watch on this list, the Series 3 is currently on sale on Best Buy for just $199.

Apple Watch Series 4 – $349

The Apple Watch Series 4 earned a rare perfect 5 stars rating from us. It boasts the latest in health-monitoring technology, including a second-generation ECG (electrocardiogram) heart sensor that sends out notifications for low heart rate, high heart rate, and irregular rhythm. It also has automatic exercise detection — when you start walking faster or run up a flight of stairs, it will ask you if you’re getting ready to work out. There are plenty of workout programs to choose from, ranging from yoga to hiking and beyond, and all your fitness data is stored in your iPhone’s Health App. Like the Series 3, this watch is obsessed with keeping you active.

The watch is lightning-quick and extremely easy to use, thanks to its fourth-generation S4 processor. Launching apps, checking notifications, and browsing through the menu are a breeze, and the screen is bright and rich in detail. There’s a Walkie Talkie mode that lets you chat in real time with fellow Apple Watch owners. The Watch also lets you access Siri by simply raising your wrist and speaking.

Transferring music from your iPhone to the W atch is performed wirelessly and can only be done while it is charging. You can listen to music on Apple Music wirelessly via Bluetooth. The Watch can also be set up to display a range of information, including stock prices, scores from your favorite sports teams, and boarding details on upcoming flights. The battery lasts a good 18 hours on a single charge, enough to get you through the day.

Despite no longer being the latest nor the best Apple Watch that you can buy, the Series 4 is still a formidable digital timepiece that you’d be a fool to discount. In fact, the Series 5 only managed to get the coveted top spot thanks to a few minor tweaks like its always-on display, a marginally faster processor, and an internal compass. Right now, you can purchase the Series 4 on Best Buy for a cool $100 off. Get one for $349 instead of its normal retail price of $449.

Apple Watch Series 5 – $384

Visually, there’s nothing that sets the Apple Watch Series 5 apart from both the Series 3 and 4. It still sports the same square design and digital crown control system. Its case is made of 100{8c54160eed80eb00ac4f5d74c8785e95142d89daf570f201b81dc7fdc31059f3} recycled aluminum (perfect for the environmentally conscious), although it also comes in titanium, stainless steel, and ceramic if you have the money to splurge, with a case size of either 44mm or 40mm. Curvy and ergonomic, it’s small and light enough to let you feel like you’re not wearing it and it won’t get caught on your shirt cuff.

The biggest difference between the Series 5 and the previous Apple Watch iterations is its always-on display. It will always show the time and you no longer need to raise your wrist in order to wake the screen up. Workout stats are also immediately shown as soon as you start exercising. For example, do some push-ups and the Watch will automatically display the corresponding metrics. There are plenty of watch faces to choose from, with designs that range from the elegant to the quirky. And if you’re thinking that the always-on display will take a serious toll on the battery life, don’t fret. It’s possible to get a full day and a half out of a single charge. Recharging takes about an hour.

The Series 5 also has an internal compass, an even more powerful S5 processor, and a much larger storage capacity. The interface is fun and simple to use. Using the digital crown to zoom in and out of the app screen is great, and the haptic feedback provides an impressively tactile experience. All your basic fitness tracking needs are covered, plus a few more. It takes care of steps, calories, hourly movement, relaxation, VO2 Max data, hours spent standing, and workout tracking for everything including swimming and biking, and it even handles more unusual activities like yoga and elliptical training.

The Apple Watch Series 5 is currently on sale on Best Buy for $15 off. Get it for $384 instead of $399.

Apple Watch Series 5 vs. Series 4: Which one should you buy?

The Apple Watch Series 5 is the latest and greatest on the market now, which naturally makes it the most expensive. That makes the last-gen Series 4 and attractive alternative; it’s not that much cheaper, however, so there are still some important features to consider before you opt for the most inexpensive one you can find.
The Series 5 has an always-on Retina display
At a glance, the Series 5 looks pretty much identical to its predecessor — Apple has been nothing if not consistent with the Apple Watch’s overall design over the years — but one notable difference is that the Series 5’s Retina display is always on. That means no wrist movement is required to “wake up” the watch face in order to check the time, your notifications, or anything else, and it also means that you’ll be showing off your favorite watch face all the time.
The Series 5 has a few surprises under the hood
Aside from the always-on display, the Apple Watch Series 5 has a few new features hiding under the hood. It packs a newer, snappier dual-core S5 processor along with a boosted storage capacity, and Apple also put an internal compass inside the Series 5 to help you out with workouts, navigation, and other outdoor activities.
The Series 4 isn’t really that much cheaper
The last-gen Apple Watch is a bit less expensive than the Series 5, but not by a huge margin (you can still expect to pay north of $300 for either one). Ultimately, you’ll have to decide for yourself if the extra savings is worth giving up features like the always-on display of the Series 5; if you can find a worthy deal, however, then it might be a good idea to go for the Series 4 if you don’t care about the extra bells and whistles of the latest model.

Apple Watch Series 4 vs. Series 3: Which one should you buy?

If you’ve ruled out the Series 5 and want to spring for a last-gen model, know that the Series 4 isn’t the only option when it comes to last-gen models. The Apple Watch Series 3 is still very popular and easy to find new, and more importantly, it’s much, much cheaper than either the Series 5 or the Series 4.
The Series 4 is larger on the wrist
The Apple Watch increased in width a bit with the Series 4 refresh (a change the Series 5 kept as well), so while the Series 4 case is a bit thinner overall, it sits larger on the wrist at 40mm for the standard model and 44mm for the larger one. Compare this to the Series 3, which sat at 38mm and 42mm variants. This probably won’t be a deal-breaker for most techies, but could be an issue for people with smaller wrists and anyone else who prefers the aesthetics of a smaller watch. On the flip side of that coin is that the Series 4’s larger size brings with it a larger display.
Apple made some notable changes with the Series 4
The Series 4 was not just a minor refresh — Apple packed some impressive new tech into its smart wearable with this release, which explains why it’s so much more expensive than the Series 3 in contrast to the smaller price gap between the Series 4 and the Series 5. New features include a faster S4 processor, more advanced heart-monitoring functions (including the ability to create electrocardiograms), and a new fall detection alert that can detect when you’ve fallen down and cannot get up.
The Series 3 and Series 4 also share a lot of similarities, however
Aside from those changes, the Series 3 and Series 4 also share a lot of similarities. They’re both water-resistant to 50 meters, they both offer about 18 hours of battery life, they both pack an internal GPS (with models available that can also be tied to a cellular network), and they both come loaded with a similar suite of fitness- and health-tracking functions — although the Series 4’s technology is greatly improved here. Both wearables can also run the latest WatchOS firmware and can use Apple Pay.
The Series 3 is the cheapest Apple Watch you can buy — by a lot
In contrast to the Series 4 and Series 5, the Apple Watch Series 3 is much, much cheaper, sitting at around $200 or so (roughly half the price of its successors). You’ll be sacrificing more than you would if you got a newer last-gen unit like the Series 4, but you’ll be saving a lot more, too. If you want the basic functionality and look of an Apple Watch without spending too much, the Series 3 is still a great pick.

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