June 23, 2024


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Choose the best type of washing machines from an online reseller

Typically, there are three most popular types of washing machines found in the Indian market. The first is the semi-automatic type that is the most commonly used because it is cheap and affordable. In the case of this machine, the clothes once washed need to be shifted to the dryer manually – so, there are two tubs – one that is meant for washing and the other that is meant for drying. The second is the top-loading automatic machines – this fall in the mid-price range. In these machines there is a single tub for cleaning and drying the clothes. There is no manual intervention other than the switching of the control knobs and the clothes to be washed need to be loaded into the machine from the top.

The third type and one of the costliest washing machines are the front loading automatic machines. Here the operation is all automatic with the only difference that the clothes have to be loaded from the front instead of the top. Many international and local brands make top-class washing machines today and offer the same to the Indian market. Deciding between the different models can surely be a tedious and complex task but the online virtual malls are there to make the process easy and smooth.


  1. From the top and foremost Indian reseller sites like Paytm, MobiKwik and PhonePe, choose one that you trust the most. If you want to see a whole range of brands you can do this or if you are fixated on a single brand, you can choose to do this operation from the official website or App of the said brand.
  2. On the reseller site now you can flip through different webpages brand-wise, washing machine type-wise, model-wise, price-wise, feature-wise, technical specs-wise etc. Whichever criterion suits you or is the most desired by your family and you, you can choose that parameter for conducting a search on the site. The results shown will help you make the right choice.
  3. Click on the details, read through the various features and specifications, and read the reviews of other customers.
  4. Compare the prices of the models that you like and see which one comes with the best possible discount or cash-back offer.
  5. Finally make a choice, confirm the order by making payments online using your credit card, debit card, Netbanking or the electronic wallet.
  6. Provide your address and location and confirm relevant delivery details.

Before you realize, the payment transaction is done, the money debited from your account and the machine packed for delivery. Within the committed timelines, the washing machine will reach your doorsteps and before soon, a service engineer from the brand will be there to have the machine installed and show you the demo on how to use and maintain the machine.

Easy, simple and fast, the process is thoroughly guaranteed and secured and if there is any issue with the machine, you can opt to return it within 30 days or the time frame mentioned by the reseller and get full refund of your money.