July 15, 2024


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Crack and Download Method for Activating Microsoft Office 365

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Activating Microsoft Office 365 is important if you want to use the optimum function of Office 365. First of all, you need to find the Microsoft Office 365 product key. This product key is needed to register your software officially. However, most people cannot afford to purchase since the product key is often expensive. By using the key finder you can get the product key for free. Another method that can be used for activating your Office 365 is by using Crack and Download Method. This method is simple. But you need to be careful while looking for the cracking file since there are many corrupt cracking files. You need to download the file from the trusted website. Never download from any untrusty website. 

The step for activating Office 365 using Crack and Download method

 The activation of Office 365 using crack and download method is easy. But, you may need to be careful when choosing the cracking file. First of all, you can go to the setting menu on your PC. Then you can click the update and security menu. Select the windows defender toolbar. Well, in here, you need to turn off all the options in windows defender such as Real-time protection, Cloud-base protection, and Automatic Sample Submission. These programs need to be turned off since they can block the activation process of Office 365. However, you can turn on again these options after you finish the activation process. So, you don’t need to worry about that. Then, you can download the cracking file. Select the file that is worked. Find out the ZIP file of the downloaded file. After that, you can extract out the Microsoft Office Activator and Reloader Activator. Then, you can run the Reloader Activator, unmarked the windows options, and mark the rest of the options. To complete the activation process, you need to click the activate options. And, here it is. You have completed the activation process of Office 365 using the Crack and Download Method. How is it? As it is mentioned above that this method is easy to do. What you need is just a reliable cracking file and do some setting on your computer. However, you need to be careful when you download the cracking file. Select the file from the trustworthy server.

The Requirements of System in Your PC

Before activating Office 365 by using the cracking and download method, you need to check whether the system of your PC is suitable for the activation. There are some requirements for the system. If you use the 32-bit system, you need to have a space of about 1 gigabyte. And if your system is a 64-bit system, you need to have 2 gigabytes. The hard disk of your PC needs to have a free space at least 3 gigabytes. Your screen resolution needs to be at 1024 x 576 pixels. And, at least your processor should be 1 GHz. So, please prepare your system first before starting the activation process of Office 365.