April 25, 2024


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Delta’s hub-free Leak Detector isn’t as smart as it could be

Smart leak detectors have been around for years now, and we’ve tested a bunch of them. At $80, Delta’s new Wi-Fi leak detector offers the solid functionality we’ve come to expect along with some additional user-friendly features. Is this leak detector a game-changing must-have? With its waterproofing issues and lack of smart home integrations, I have to say no. 


Two concentric rings around the base of the leak detector monitor for dripping or pooling water.

Chris Monroe/CNET

Delta does start strong though, with a sleek, white disc design. This low-profile device isn’t an eyesore and should fit in most utility closets and under-sink spaces without being intrusive. Two concentric rings of conductive metal monitor for the presence of unwanted moisture. A single button on the top of the device surrounded by an LED light ring acts as the main physical interface.

Beyond leak detection, Delta incorporates the ability to monitor temperature. Set the threshold for low and high temps in the app and you’ll receive notifications if your space exceeds the limits. This could be especially helpful for cold winter nights when pipes could be at risk for freezing. The app also includes a log of timestamped temperature, leak and alert history. 

Perhaps the biggest selling point of Delta’s leak detector is the hub-free Wi-Fi connectivity. This detector connects to Wi-Fi through your mobile phone via the app, eliminating the need for a smart home hub. Removing the smart-hub middleman is a welcome feature, but it’s not new. The Roost Smart Water Leak Detector, D-Link Wi-Fi Water Sensor and Honeywell Lyric Wi-Fi Leak and Freeze Detector all pull it off, too.   

Setup is simple enough. Inside the box, you’ll find the detector, a quick start guide and three AAA batteries, which Delta says will last about two years. Certain activities do require higher battery usage. Multiple leak alerts, a detector being offline for an extended period of time or a firmware update will drain the battery. Delta sends an alert to change the batteries once they reach 20 percent. You can also view the battery life percentage and signal strength at any time in the app.

To get started, you’ll download the Delta Leak Detector app from the App Store or from the Google Play Store and create a profile. On-screen instructions will help you configure your device. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi must be functioning on your mobile device to complete setup. The leak detector is not compatible with 5GHz Wi-Fi and won’t show those networks in the available Wi-Fi options. 

The detector’s ability to independently connect to your home’s Wi-Fi without going through a smart hub is a plus. It simplifies setup and presumably means fewer connectivity issues. However, if the power goes out, in most cases your Wi-Fi will too, and the device won’t be able to send you notifications. 


The Delta Leak Detector fits under or around most leak-prone appliances.

Chris Monroe/CNET

You can name the detector for the appliance you’d like to monitor. There’s plenty of opportunity for customization here. Choose from a list of common leaky appliances (think “sump pump,” “sink,” “toilet” or “water heater”) or create your own device name using the “Other” category. 

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