July 23, 2024


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Don’t Let Technology Surpass You – Stay Ahead of the Competition

Don’t Let Technology Surpass You – Stay Ahead of the Competition

Things have changed so much over the years. Earlier, people used to visit restaurants to catch up with friends and enjoy the food. But nowadays, technology has changed many things, including human. Even when we are sitting with our loved once, we keep checking our phones because somewhere technology has overtaken our emotions.

According to a survey, 82% of people agree that using a cell phone at social gatherings hurts conversation. We used to live our lives quite well before the mobiles took over our lives. Technology should make our lives more clam and smooth. Agree? We should adapt the technology for our betterment not making ourselves busy.

Humanity has always been superior over the technology and still is. Some of the ways we can avoid technology surpassing humanity are as follows:

  1. Machines are Human Creation: Always keep it in mind that a machine is just a tool and some human’s mastermind behind its creation. For example, we all have become addicted to technology like mobile phone, computers and other gadgets. If you can avoid using a phone while you are with your family or friends, then technology is yet to take control over you which means you are operating machine according to your need.
  2. Set Boundaries: When you are working on any project, try to keep your phone away from you or set it on mute or turn off notifications. A case study from A Florida State University state that even if people didn’t check their phones when they buzzed, their minds keep thinking about a phone.
  3. Create Timeframe: You should pre-defined when you want to use the technology and should separate the things that you can be accomplished without utilizing technology. Taking an instant of a mobile phone, you should set a timeframe when you want to play candy crush on the phone or check your messages.

To prevent yourself from being addicted to technology, it requires a lot of discipline. A certification can help you to develop discipline and avoid using technology that is not required to achieve success.

Human is the inventor of the technology and we will always remain superior to technology, just we need to keep upgrading ourselves and our skill set with the latest market trends. Acquiring a certification will assist you to gain an understanding of current market affairs and technologies. Learn to be the boss of machines and technology with your updated skills.