July 24, 2024


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DxOMark scores the Samsung Galaxy S20+, ranks tenth in smartphone photography

DxOMark has just released their review of the Samsung Galaxy S20+’s camera system. Unlike the S20 Ultra – which uses pixel binning in the 108MP main sensor, the Galaxy S20+ uses a 12MP sensor with large 1.6µm pixels. This camera array has three other cameras, each dedicated to ultra wide (12MP), telephoto(24MP), and a depth sensor (0.3MP) for bokeh shots.

 DxOMarkSource: DxOMark

The S20+ received an overall score of 118, made up of its photography score of 127 and its video score of 100. Its strength in still photos is attributed to its excellent exposure, wide dynamic range, vivid colors, and its brilliant ultra-wide camera. DxOMark saw great accurate exposure even in more challenging conditions and accurate white balance.

It’s zoom capabilities aren’t as impressive. It’s 64MP zoom camera is used to crop an image from the scene, which can be good in bright lighting, but details are softer in medium and longer-range zoom shots. Portraits are strong, with convincing bokeh, though not good enough to earn the top score.

DxOMark scores the Samsung Galaxy S20+, ranks tenth in smartphone photography

Dynamic range for video is great outdoors, though not the best – but with high saturation. Details are high in 4K video, though it can be aggressive with sharpness. Autofocus adapts quickly and tracks objects well. Stabilization isn’t the best, but it does its job when shifting views.

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