April 25, 2024


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Eight amazing features of EMUI you might not have noticed


Twin an app

Think about all of those apps that you might have two accounts for which require switching back and forth on a regular basis. Whether that’s Snapchat, Wechat or TikTok, EMUI gives you the option to “twin” an app, giving you two versions of the app on the home screen, each logged into the separate accounts you need. When you go to the Twin setting it will show you all apps on your device that support the feature. It’s a great way to keep those two parts of your identity safely separated and ready to go at all times.

Smart split-screen

While Android lets you split-screen apps, it’s always been something you have to choose to do on purpose. EMUI offers “smart” suggestions for going split screen when the moment seems well suited to doing so, like when you receive a new message while you’re watching a random video or the NBA All-Star Game. It lets you transition seamlessly into side-by-side so you can respond to the message while you keep watching. No interruption, no delay in getting back to your friend or boss. Easy.

Screen recording

Android doesn’t have a built-in screen recorder, but EMUI does. The screen recorder is easy to access — hit power and volume up to start, or use a knock code to begin with a double-tap of two knuckles together. You can also set whether the recording will include your system audio or if it just listens to what you’re saying on the microphone. There’s no limit to how long you can record, except for the storage you have available.

Built-in translator

Huawei’s built-in translator app does a fantastic job of helping you connect in real-time with people across language barriers. You speak into the phone directly and it will ask you which language you want your words translated into. The app will then read out the translated message for you, and then allow the other person to reply in their language and translate back to your own language. It’s smooth, it’s simple, and one of the best of its kind out there.

Easy file-sharing

If you’re using a compatible Huawei laptop alongside your mobile device, EMUI has some great sharing and collaboration tools built into the operating system. Easy file sharing and drag-and-drop features make moving the files you need back and forth a breeze, but it goes much further than that. With Multi-screen Collaboration you can bring a live view of your mobile to the laptop screen, even seamlessly answering or continuing video calls from one to another. You can even record your laptop screen using your phone! Lots of useful advantages when you bring Huawei laptops and phones together.

App Lock

There are three excellent privacy features available in EMUI that build layers of protection depending on how you want to use your device. The first is App Lock, which lets you lock any app from being accessed unless there is an authorisation. It’s a good way to make sure no one picks up a phone that is left unlocked and gets into an app you want to be kept private, such as the photos in Gallery.

File Safe

Beyond the App Lock, there’s File Safe. Any document, image, video, or other files on your device can be sent to a locked storage area that cannot be accessed without going through a passcode or fingerprint access.

Private Space

For the ultimate in privacy, there is Private Space. This is an entirely separate account space for accessing apps and data you want kept secret on your device. When you unlock your device and use your normal account everything goes to your normal account. But if you use a second fingerprint that is dedicated to your Private Space, it unlocks the separate private account.

Options that can make life easier, smarter, and safer for every user.

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