July 25, 2024


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Everything you missed at Samsung Unpacked: Galaxy S22, Tab S8 and more

Samsung S22 and S22 Ultra

Richard Peterson/CNET

It isn’t quite spring, but that didn’t stop Samsung from hosting one of its biggest events of the year to announce its next Galaxy phone. On Wednesday, the company debuted its new Galaxy S22 phone line, with updates over previous models almost entirely focused on content creation: better photography, video and social capture and sharing. The line comprises the Galaxy S22, the larger Galaxy S22 Plus and the top-spec Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. The latter replaces the Note, complete with a garaged S Pen.

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Samsung’s Unpacked event in 11 minutes


Samsung also launched its new Galaxy Tab S8 line, featuring the Tab S8 Ultra, a humungous 14.6-inch iPad Pro competitor starting at $1,100. It also includes the updated S Pen, which has a vastly reduced latency of 2.8ms, front and rear 4K cameras, a 120Hz refresh-rate AMOLED screen with smaller bezels and more.

For our play-by-play commentary, you can still read our event recap. And you can watch Samsung’s Bridgerton parody that it used to debut the new phone (and have its customary dig at Apple).

Earlier in the week, Samsung also announced its Galaxy Watch 4 and Wear OS updates.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 first look: Hands-on with all 3 new…


Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra

The updated phone line includes new night photography and videography enhancements, improved cooling and heat dissipation to handle hotter-running components, a new display with Vision Booster (which combines high 1,750-nit brightness with dynamic tone mapping for an overall better image under a variety of lighting conditions), and so on. 

Plus, Samsung has expanded its sustainability efforts for the line by repurposing used fishing nets, moving to 100% recycled paper packaging and increasing the number of supported generations that will receive operating system updates to four. 

Preorders have begun, and prices start at $800 (£769). The S22 series will hit stores Feb. 25.

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Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S8 looks like a promising iPad Pro…


Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

The flagship Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra aims to be more laptop-like with a BookCover detachable keyboard that automatically goes into a DeX mode — DeX is Samsung’s works-like-a-laptop interface for its Galaxy products, which typically requires its DeX dock. The tablet comes with up to 16GB RAM and up to 512GB storage. 

Samsung Tab S8

Richard Peterson/CNET

Its linemates are the Tab S8 Plus, with a 12.4-inch, 2,800×1,752-pixel, sAMOLED display, while the regular Tab S8 has an 11-inch, 2,560×1,600-pixel, LED panel. Both are also capable of 120Hz refresh rate.

Preorders have begun, and prices start at $700 (£649) for the standard Tab S8 and $1,100 (£999) for the Tab S8 Ultra. The Tab S8 series will hit stores Feb. 28.

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