June 14, 2024


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Fine Solutions for Anonymous VPN USage

Benefits of Using a VPN Part 3: Stop Ad Tracking on the Internet

Everyone knows them, few use them. Yet with a virtual private network app you protect yourself from network risks

Take a step back and consider how much of your lives is shared daily on the internet. Ok, now think about how much you would not want to be shared but risk being shared, due to a lack of attention to safety when using computers, smartphones and tablets.

Do you feel a certain sense of dread? That’s normal, since there are hundreds, if not thousands, of people out there ready to exploit indecision to invade our privacy. One of the best ways to protect sensitive data is by using a virtual private network or VPN, which is also a privileged way to leave no traces online. Not surprisingly, virtual private networks are born, in the consumer sphere, to allow journalists, activists and other individuals at risk to communicate with the rest of the world without restrictions. Using the is the best options here.

Not just targeted users

But what do we have to do with all this? Why should hackers and criminals enter our connected devices? Well, check the bank apps or the account you use to shop online. The degree of protection you should implement is directly proportional to the zeros following the first digit. But not only that, even those who usually operate offline financially are not free from problems deriving from too much information stored on the terminals with which they travel on the web. If someone were to manage to steal our emails, photos or videos of children and grandchildren, they could very well make financial demands, creating a certain apprehension about the possibility that those contents end up where they shouldn’t, perhaps on the deep web., in which there are always those who are willing to shell out some bitcoins in order to obtain pieces of the existence of others for the sole pleasure of doing so.

How does it work

The reason? A private network protects the connection to the source, i.e. starting from the modem or router that broadcast it, to ensure that all data sent and received is encrypted and illegible from prying eyes. But a VPN doesn’t just do that. Another example that shows its usefulness comes when traveling abroad and would like to access the streaming service that you pay for in Italy. Although the European Union is moving in this regard, even today the platforms that provide for a payment fee for viewing content on demand, live or deferred, are linked to the country of registration.

Last Words

Just go outside the national borders to experience the impossibility of enjoying the match of your favorite team or the latest episode of your favorite series. It’s called geo blocking and it’s still a reality. With a VPN (of those series, like Avira Phantom), you can make the system believe that you are connected from one of the available international servers, including Italy. From abroad, therefore, both on Wi-Fi and 4G network, a VPN can start the connection from wherever you want, mimicking a local IP and masking that of the position in which you are. It will be like sailing from Rome while being in London.