June 13, 2024


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Hate being cold? This smart bed brings the heat

WinkBeds’ CoolControl system relies on radiant heat and cooling tech to adjust the bed’s temp.


If you and your partner disagree on the “right” sleep temperature, startup WinkBeds might have a solution. Its new CoolControl mattress and base, now available in the US at WinkBeds.com, comes with dual temperature zones. Prices for the set start at $2,500 for a twin XL and go up to $4,300 for a California king.

CoolControl isn’t currently sold internationally, but the California king’s price converts to roughly £3,415 or AU$5,675 at the current exchange rate.

Similar to Sleep Number’s 360 Bed, CoolControl comes with a related Android and iPhone app for making manual adjustments or programming it to auto-adjust the temp for you.

According to WinkBeds, CoolControl’s radiant heat tech was developed with Gentherm, a company that manufactures seat warmers and coolers for cars. Apparently, you’ll be able to separately adjust each side to 30 degrees above and 15 degrees below the ambient temperature in the bedroom.

So, if your partner (ahem) covertly turns the heat down into the 60s, you can still warm up your side of the bed with CoolControl. This could end up being a smart energy saver over time, too, since WinkBeds claims its plug-in system uses “less electricity than a table lamp.”

The main downside is that there’s nothing else smart about CoolControl. It doesn’t integrate with any products from other smart home manufacturers. There’s no voice control component — “Alexa, set my side of the bed to 72 degrees!” — or any other integration with connected platforms.

Even so, WinkBeds’ CoolControl is at the forefront of a growing trend in sleep tech — advanced temperature control. And I’m interested to see if this sort of feature continues to show up in other smart beds. So far, Sleep Number’s new 360 Bed is among its closest competitors, but its dual-sided temperature control is limited to heating the foot of the bed only.

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