February 27, 2024


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Here are 7 Secrets to Improve Your Web Traffic This Holiday Season

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Holiday season witnesses one of the highest sales across all retail channels. People are in a festive mood and looking to purchase new things. As a business, this is an excellent time to leverage the opportunity to boost your sales and deliver some delightful customer experience. So, here are some tips that can help improve the web traffic for businesses during the holidays:

  • Analyse Previous Plans and Create a Strategy – To understand the behaviour of visitors and the percentage of traffic expected, you should analyse previous years’ data. Tools like Google Analytics, Click Analytics, etc. can help decipher the traffic received during previous years. On the basis of this data, businesses can frame a web strategy for handling the traffic. Based on the high traffic that you have received during the previous years; you may want to switch to VPS Server beforehand to be able to scale up and handle the high traffic.
  • Check Website Speed – One of the most important factors to get high traffic on the website is by having a good website speed. If you have a standard Shared Hosting, your website may result in lower speeds due to increased traffic. Hosting your website on a VPS Server or Cloud could boost the speed of your website even during times of increased traffic. A website with a load time of fewer than 2 seconds tends to have better traffic and reduced bounce rate.
  • Manage Social Media – It is essential that you leverage the power of social media during festive seasons. Social media platforms see higher engagement rate and a greater number of hours that users are logged-in the platforms. By effectively crafting a social media strategy, you certainly increase the traffic on your website.
  • Offers & Discounts – It has become a common norm to provide offers and discounts during festival season. Without any lucrative offers, you may lose out on substantial traffic. Keeping in mind your SKUs, products, and other factors, you should devise a strategy to ensure that you have the best offers & discounts.
  • Website Security – Google now puts a lot of impetus on the security of the website. Getting an SSL certificate could help your website improve the SEO and result in better ranking. You should also use plugins to make your site more secure. It will add to the confidence of your users in using your website and interacting with all the options provided on the site.
  • Mobile-Friendly Website – During the holiday season, people are mostly travelling or outdoors, and they tend to shop through mobile phones and tablets. Thus, it is necessary for businesses to have a mobile-responsive layout. A mobile-friendly website will certainly help you get additional traffic via mobile devices.
  • Use Plug-ins – It is necessary to install plug-ins on the website. There are several plug-ins available to boost website speed, compress images for better speed, provide better SEO, securing the website from viruses, etc. Plug-ins would help optimize the site better and drive huge traffic.

Getting higher traffic during holidays is a difficult task as every competitor is eyeing for the attention of your potential customer. Using these secrets could certainly boost your chances of getting higher traffic during the holiday season.