July 15, 2024


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How soon before electric cars become fully available in rental companies

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One of the major reasons why some people patronize rental companies is because of the wide range of cars they have available. Hence, they could easily be in their dream car anytime they want to buy just hiring it at a very affordable price as opposed to trying to find tens of thousands of dollars that they would use to buy the car. Today, electric cars are increasingly been talked about and several people are already dreaming about driving electric cars. The rental company, as usual, could provide them with the first opportunity to drive the electric car. The electric car is not yet popular among car rental companies as most do not have the car available to be rented. This article will provide answers to some of the major questions about car rental companies.

Why electric cars should enter the rental market
With the successful invention of electric cars and the fact it has now been publicly accepted, it is only natural that the demand for electric cars from customers of car rental companies will continue to increase. Even more so, is the fact that some countries have already stated that they will phase out cars that run on petroleum within the next few years so that only electric cars will operate in those countries. The earlier car rental companies also start replacing their cars with electric cars in those countries will make it easier for them to transition.

They would also be able to get a higher value for their petroleum driven cars should they sell it now that it is still widely driven than if they want to sell it in the next few years when electric cars have become very popular and petroleum cars are now seen as old models whose value have dropped significantly.

Risks of renting an electric car
The major risk of renting an electric car today is the fact that there are few charging points for an electric car today. Considering that they run on a battery that could run down while they are being used, those who want to rent electric cars must ensure that the cars are fully charged when they are picking it up. They should also be aware of how long they can use the particular model before the car will need to be recharged and consciously ensure that they abide by it. Even though warnings could come up when the battery is about to go down, should the warning start when the driver is in the middle of nowhere, without any place they could charge for some miles back or forward, the car could stop and the person will become stranded.

The fact many of the electric car models are still very expensive could also mean that should the renter mistakenly damage the car, it might be difficult to get them to fix it. This is where insurance might come in handy for those travelling or electric rental car.

Are there suitable insurance policies for short-term coverage?
Every company is competing and trying to get ahead of each other and the same applies to insurance companies. Hence, the instance electric cars came up and the chances of them being bought or rented becoming available, several insurance companies, such as Insure4aday, now have insurance policies for short-term coverage of renting electric cars that people who want to rent electric cars can take advantage of.