July 24, 2024


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How To Install Synthetic Grass In Just 5 Easy Steps

How to Install Artificial Grass | Watersavers Turf Guide

Don’t want to bother caring for real grass for your garden? Synthetic grass could be the solution! You can install it yourself without the help of a handyman!

How to Install Synthetic Grass

If you compare it with the original ornamental grass , it will certainly be much easier to install artificial grass that can be done independently. 

In just a few easy steps, you can immediately enjoy the expanse of green grass of your choice in the desired place. 

Prepare the grass first

After you buy the grass you want, look at the direction of the grass. Because grass can’t just be installed randomly.  This is also done so that in the installation later there is no part of the grass that is in the opposite direction so as to damage its appearance.  

Pay attention to the installation area and make sure the surface is flat

The second step in how to install artificial turf is to prepare the installation area. Make sure that the floor or the target area has a flat surface so that the results of the grass installation can look neat. 

Also clean the area before installing from dust or dirt that sticks so that the grass can glue perfectly. The surface of the grass installation area must also be properly dried so that the glue that has been applied does not come off easily. 

Artificial grass cutting

Next, measure the grass and adjust it to the needs of the area to be grassed. Use a large cutter or scissors to cut the artificial grass according to the area to be installed. 

Add a little more length to the edges so that the artificial turf can be installed perfectly to cover the floor area. 

Put yellow glue on the back of the grass and on the floor

Apply yellow glue that has high adhesion to the underside of the grass and the floor surface. On both the floor and the back of the grass, it is very important to coat the edges with glue fully and evenly. This trick is done so that the grass does not come off easily. 

After that, press and feel the entire surface of the grass so that it sticks well. 

Tidy the grass

The last way to install artificial grass is to trim the edges of the rest of the grass to make it look more attractive. Clean the grass surface of any dirt or work residue that may stick before use. 

How, how to install artificial grass is not as difficult as you think, right? If you are still having trouble, you can use the services from Artificial Lawn Perth to install your lawn at home