May 22, 2024


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How to Raise Brand Awareness in the Online Surroundings?

7 Effective Ways To Build And Promote Your Brand To Local Customers |  Mention

SMB owners and new entrepreneurs need to understand the importance of brand awareness. 

Of course, they’re aware of their growing brand, but they should present it to their target audience. 

Raising brand awareness is important because no business will thrive if people don’t know about it. 

Business owners and managers can use different tactics to spread the word about their business and target the right audience. 

In this article, we’ll help SMB owners improve their status in the digital surroundings and ensure better recognizability. 

Producing and organizing proper content

Content is the most suitable vehicle for ensuring high brand awareness and promoting business services. 

Since this term refers to different things, here are the most important content bits for every SMB-owner: 

  • Blogs. Blogging is a powerful strategy for drawing attention to your business activities. The great thing about blog posts is that they can serve different purposes. SMB owners can promote their own operations or write practical articles related to the given niche. Make sure to conduct keyword research, address the right audience, and apply other tips for writing interesting SMB blog posts
  • Infographics, graphs, presentations. SMB owners starting their business story need to engage a plethora of various tools to present their content in the most illustrative way. Organizing content into infographics, graphs, and presentations are only some of the amusing ways of making content easily digestible. 
  • Videos and images. This is the age of visuals. SMB owners should post explainer videos and other types of videos to strengthen their content in general. Taking original business photos and uploading them to the business website will add to business’ authenticity, as well. 
  • Podcasts. One of the newest marketing forms, podcast has been gaining popularity in the last few years. Business owners and managers have different options in producing business podcasts, from short interviews with company employees and managers, to long conversations with influencers relevant to the niche. 

Social media participation

When SMB owners create various forms of useful and attractive content, they’re ready for online promotion. 

That being said, they need to promote their businesses on social media. 

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world, with 2.85 billion active monthly users that write posts of search for information there every month. 

This means that every business owner can count on a certain number of potential customers. First, they need to find the right target audience for their products and services. When SMB owners identify the desired segment of Facebook users, they can adapt the existing content to these customers. 

Instagram has become an important promotional asset, as well. It’s a perfect place for companies and smaller ventures selling goods that can be presented in a visually enhancing way. Photos and stories accompanied with enticing captions can win over many potential leads. 

LinkedIn is another important social network from the business point of view. New entrepreneurs should connect with other successful businesses. Also, they can find new employees on this network. 

Local community engagement

One of the pathways to higher brand awareness for SMB owners leads through the local community. 

When you take part in activities on the local level, it adds to your reputation. People in the offline and online environment alike appreciate companies that improve people’s lives. 

If you participate in local events and support positive initiatives, both Internet users and potential offline customers will support your effort. 

Here’s what SMB owners can for the local community: 

  • Support sport events. When a business supports amateur sporting events, they participate in activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. This is a win-win situation for such companies. On the one hand, they actually help people stay healthy. On the other hand, they boost their reputation and gain people’s attention.
  • Donate to charity. Donating to charity organizations and events is a generous way of improving the situation on the local level. 
  • Help educational institutions. SMB owners that help schools and other educational institutions improve their services always get respect from the local community. 

All the listed activities will improve the quality of life in the offline surroundings and increase the online business reputation of the businesses in question. 

Launching loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are useful for companies that want to generate more leads and increase their business status. 

There are different ways of enticing people to start following your business and buying your products. 

For starters, offer freebies for first-time customers, together with significant discounts for products similar to the ones they’ve purchased. This will immediately encourage them to become repeat customers. Every customer that buys twice from the same business is more likely to come back again. 

Moreover, distribute loyalty cards and motivate your customers to open their buyer accounts. That way, they can collect points whenever they buy something from your business. Define the thresholds for specific number of points they collect and the rewards or incentives they can win. 

Think about starting a VIP club for customers that reach a certain number of purchases or points and special offers for them.

All those features will inspire people to buy from you and spread the word about your business. 

Using thebusiness website

New entrepreneurs need to know that their business website is one the best places for increasing brand awareness. It can be tailored to provide potential users with all the necessary information to become customers. What’s more, a well-organized and easy-to-follow website will generate more users and popularize the business in question.

As explained by the experts from a Houston web design company, business websites mustn’t be too complicated or visually too aggressive. Such websites should define the purpose of that business and contain all the key information – services, prices, payment methods – relevant to users. 

All pages on a business website should have share buttons for social media. This is especially important for blog posts and product pages. 

Also, SMB owners should allow comments below blog posts and reviews below products. That way, they’ll give their customers a chance to share articles from those websites, as well as leave their reviews. 

All these elements enable customers to share content, services and products from business websites and increase their online visibility. 

Brand awareness is key to better lead generation and higher business popularity. New SMB owners need to invest time and energy to make outstanding content that will authentically present their mission and services. They must utilize the power of social media to emit those content bits. Engagement in the local community and attractive loyalty programs increase the chance of becoming more popular with all sorts of audiences. 

Finally, building a visually powerful but simple website will ensure generating more organic leads and boosting the overall brand awareness.