July 25, 2024


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It Is The Matter Of Degrees Only

It Is The Matter Of Degrees Only

A framework design to conserve energy and money at the same time is referred to all the possible ways through which proficient energy can be achieved using reduced consumption from both conventional and non-conventional resources. This report states all the possible ways for an individual through which the direct household consumers of energy can chose to consume energy with less cost and promote and protect the economic security.

There is a big number of consumers of energy and this big number is getting bigger day by day. Hence, there are lots of factors which play a vital role in the increased energy consumption. Moreover, this high consumption of energy is the lead cause to the leftover carbon footprints behind. These leftover carbon footprints result in harm to atmosphere and environment, especially promoting the global warming and climate change ultimately. Therefore, all of these individual contribution in harming the environment should be quickly stopped to have a peaceful and eco-friendly atmosphere around. For this, each and every individual has to work with himself/herself and should start from their very own location i.e. House.

As it is clearly known that, living things, including humans and animals, leave behind the carbon footprints as they perform any activity, therefore, it is the first and foremost responsibility of the humans to claim their reward by planning such a framework that will decline in emission of carbon footprints and will help in keeping the economic stability linear. This framework is basically a “Smart Home”.

Heating and cooling processes have been discovered as the most responsible factors of carbon footprint emission and this is the cause of energy wastage that leads to high electricity and utility bills. This heating and cooling processes fall in the category of home energy. A thermostat is mainly used in winter causing on average of $180/ year loss of money. People spend about 10.4 hours a year, standing with the refrigerator door open causing energy to lose

People leave the household bulbs and televisions open, when not in use, that cause excess wastage of money (about $40/lifetime and $55/year respectively) and increase in utility expenditure. Moreover, people including teenagers at top, have gotten a habit of leaving their cell phones and laptops on charge even though they are fully charged, this causes a 100% waste in energy. According to researchers, a dishwasher uses 37% less water than washing dishes using hands, therefore, washing dishes by hands leads to water wastage.i.e. hydro-energy loss.

The most hazardous cause of energy wastage and a leftover carbon footprint is thrown away batteries. Hazardous and corrosive batteries are thrown away. Their high level waste includes nuclear substances. Those substances include, zinc, cadmium, copper, etc. Such batteries are found in trash and due to their toxic nature they can harm the living things and by seeping into the ground, they can react with water and harm the food chain and aquatic life.

However, this is now very clear that, every person plays a great part in causing energy wastage especially through his/her own activities. The most of those activities are done in the homes, they are accessed to.

The main causes of energy wastage and high utility bills have been discussed. A proper solution has to be framed in order to maintain the energy consumption, and utility stability. People should start with the first try. They should not leave the lights, fans and other electrical appliances switched on when not in use. People should se LED lights instead of fluorescent bulbs. People should start wearing loose clothes in summer and thick clothes in winter in order to minimize the use of air conditioner and heating thermostat. We should maintain the use of water, especially in toilets, since, 75% of our household water use takes place in toilet. Trash should be disposed well, especially the high level waste. Use of polythene bags and disposable items should be stopped.

These energy saving ideas can lead to a smart home and that smart home can save millions of life from the shortage of energy and economy.