June 14, 2024


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Lenovo – The Software Giant From China

Lenovo, the Chinese company was established by a team of eleven computer technocrats in 1984. At that time however, this software giant was known as Legend Group Ltd. Though set up in Beijing, the company was controlled and financed from Hong Kong.

Headed by Liu Chuanzhi, this company made a major breakthrough in inventing a chip card that could help in putting in Chinese characters. The breakthrough, pioneered by Ni Guangnan, made a major impact to the company’s sale.

However, Liu was evicted by Ni eventually, and the firm disintegrated into two entities – Lenovo and Digital China Holdings. While Lenovo made its way through the world of computer manufacturing, Digital China took up the wholesale dealership of IT products.

For a long time, nothing major happened in Lenovo. In 2005, Lenovo acquired the PC division of IBM, making it one of the international stalwart in personal computers (PC). Through this acquisition, Lenovo had access to most of the major software products and technologies produced by IBM. As a result, Lenovo could use ThinkPad, ThinkVision, ThinkCentre, ThinkVantage, and Aptiva, NetVista in its personal computers.

With these software technologies in Lenovo PCs, the company soon became the third largest manufacturer of personal computers. It marked the beginning of a new range of computers, such as dual core notebooks, linux-based computers, and laptops on Santa Rosa platform. It started the famous “Idea” brand to maintain its position at the top.

With superb technologies and competent marketing skills and strategies, Lenovo made a good headway in personal computing by refuting “world’s most secure notebooks” campaign promoted by one of its competitors, Dell.