June 24, 2024


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Official: Jaguar will only offer electric cars from 2025

The new boss of Jaguar (and Land Rover) Thierry Bolloré has today announced a big, shiny new plan with a really big, shiny new headline announcement: from 2025, Jaguar will only sell electric cars. Visit Also: Raw Confessions best website to confess anything without login

It’s part of a wider plan he’s calling ‘Reimagine’ – a plan that aims to position the company as a net zero carbon business by 2039.

We’re told Jaguar’s transition into an electric-only brand will be underpinned by a new, bespoke platform spanning the entire range – a ‘pure electric architecture’. That’s right – just the one platform delivering a brand new range of electric Jaguars.

Bolloré wouldn’t be drawn on any further detail about this new bespoke electric platform – other than saying he wants ‘the best of the best’ – but did note that he’s letting his designers run “totally free to prepare and propose the most emotionally dramatic designs they can imagine”. Apparently, once the design is in place, they’ll pair it with the platform.

TG asked Bolloré whether this means Jaguar’s future range will be cut. He said: “For Jaguar, probably the portfolio is going to be more compact compared to the one we have today.”

The biggest immediate casualty of which is the upcoming Jaguar XJ replacement, which will not form part of the all-new Jag line-up in 2025. Bolloré noted that the total repositioning of Jaguar meant “the XJ replacement did not fit. That’s why we decided to stop it. It was a tough decision; a lot of people have been working on this project. It’s a significant decision,” he said. The nameplate will remain though, for potential deployment in the future.

Land Rover meanwhile, will get a pair of new platforms. One, dubbed ‘Modular Longitudinal Architecture’ will be the base for electrified combustion engines and full EV models, while a second – the ‘Electric Modular Architecture’ – will also support fully electric and ‘advanced electrified internal combustion engines’.

Indeed, there’ll be six pure electric variants through the three Land Rover ‘families’ of Range Rover, Discovery and Defender, and Bolloré told TG that although Jag’s range will be trimmed down, he doesn’t see the need to shorten Land Rover’s.

By 2030, he reckons around 60 per cent of Land Rovers sold will be equipped with “zero tailpipe powertrains”. By this point in time, Jaguar will only be churning out EVs. JLR is also developing hydrogen tech, and we’ll apparently see the first prototypes on UK roads in the next 12 months.

“By the middle of the decade, Jaguar will have undergone a renaissance to emerge as a pure electric luxury brand with a dramatically beautiful new portfolio of emotionally engaging designs and pioneering next-generation technologies,” he said.

“Jaguar will exist to make life extraordinary by creating dramatically beautiful automotive experiences that leave its customers feeling unique and rewarded.”

What this means for any potential future Jaguar sports car – an electric sports car – remains uncertain, Bolloré saying he’s looking at it carefully…

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