April 25, 2024


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Plesk vs cPanel VPS Hosting

Plesk Vs cPanel: A Comparison of Web Hosting Control Panels | Fasthosts

A control panel is a web hosting interface which helps to manage and control various aspects of your website. It is specially designed to create a user-friendly environment to perform all administrative tasks with simple configuration without the need for extensive technical expertise.

Therefore, having an intelligent VPS hosting server control panel can create a significant difference in the systematic management of your website for a solid online presence.

cPanel and Plesk are two widely favoured control panel choices, each offering distinctive features and capabilities. In this article, let us understand both of them in detail for creating a robust web hosting environment for your business.

Plesk vs cPanel VPS Hosting

cPanel has user-friendly control panels that are specially crafted for individuals or businesses who know their way around, providing a complete and hassle-free user experience to their audience. 

On the other hand, Plesk is a versatile web hosting panel that allows you to execute various tasks on your servers efficiently and easily.

ParameterPlesk PanelcPanel
Who Are Users?The regular users of the Plesk panel are IT professionals, IT-Developers, Content Managers, Digital firms, etc.The regular VS cPanel hosting users of cPanel are IT, Developers, SME businesses, Business executives, and Business associations.
InfrastructureThe infrastructure of the Plesk panel is based on the latest design with extensions for the speedy delivery of features. The best examples include Advisor, Toolkit, Extension Catalog, WordPress, REST API, Docker, Git, etc.VPS hosting with cPanel is developed for dedicated or VPS with a 3-tier structure.
Docker SupportIt backs Docker on Linux.
Web Hosting ServersThe web assistance is inclusive of both Apache and Nginx.The VPS cPanel hosting web server includes Primarily Apache, with optional Nginx.
Operating SystemThe VPS Plesk hosting operating system supports Linux as well as Windows Server.The OS supports Red Hat, CentOS, CloudLinux, AlmaLinux, and Ubuntu, in particular, cPanel/WHM versions.
User Web InterfaceIt has a revamped user interface with the latest JavaScript tech, which is backed up with PHP, JavaScript, Perl, Ruby, Python, Java, and . NET.It has a visual interface for handling diverse features.
WordPressWordPress Kit is obtainable as an alternative extension.It is identical to Plesk, functional as an optional extension.
ExtensionsIt has around 100 pre-installed apps and extensions.You can add additional apps utilising auto-installers like Softaculous.
SecurityPlesk is inclusive of diverse avant security features and extensions, including email anti-spam, Fail2ban, and active directory integration. Additionally, it contains fast patching for security susceptibilities.It comes with SSL support utilising the Let’s Encrypt plugin and standard SSL powered by Sectigo. Managing security concerns may take a few days to complete.
Database AccessIt provides authorisation to MySQL or MSSQL Server.It has PhpMyAdmin for managing MySQL databases.
Backup SupportIt delivers backup support with different tools.There can be a whole webpage backup with few compatibility problems.
PriceIt may have more expensive plans with refined features and customisation options, and therefore, its price may vary based on webpage intricacy.It commonly offers lower costs, making it budget-friendly.
SupportA robust support system with paid options delivers comprehensive assistance for users needing more help.Excellent community support with comprehensive online resources, forums, documentation, and video tutorials.


Both panels have their strengths and weaknesses; therefore, first, think about your business needs and the kind of webpage you want to host. 

Generally, cPanel works well for small businesses with its straightforward webpage management. On the other side, the Plesk VPS Server panel is a more extensive solution better suited for larger businesses.