June 18, 2024


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Powerbeats 4 unveiled with Powerbeats Pro sound, longer battery life

The fourth generation Powerbeats are official and will be available in a couple of days for $150. Compared to the 3rd gen headset, the new model features longer battery life and improved Bluetooth hardware.

These deliver the same audio quality as the $250 Powerbeats Pro and even have the same IPX4 sweat resistance. The major difference is that the Pro are true wireless earbuds and the non-Pro has a cable connecting the two buds.

Powerbeats 4 unveiled with Powerbeats Pro sound, longer battery life

Another upgrade is the 15 hour battery life, up from 12 hours on the 3rd gen model (the Pros last 9 hours). The Fast Fuel feature pumps 1.5 hours worth of charge in just 5 minutes.

Despite the “Beats by Dre” branding, this is an Apple product through and through. It features the Apple H1 chip for quick Bluetooth pairing and “Hey, Siri” functionality. Also, the headphones charge through a Lightning port (a USB-A to Lightning cable is included in the box).

You can even pair two Powerbeats 4 headphones to the same iPhone (or mix Powerbeats and AirPods) using the Audio Sharing feature. This is good if you want to listen to a podcast with someone, for example.

Powerbeats 4 in White
Powerbeats 4 in Black
Powerbeats 4 in Red

Powerbeats 4 in White, Black and Red

The Powerbeats 4 will be available in White, Black and Red starting on March 18. You’ll be able to score a pair from Apple, Best Buy and other retailers that carry Beats products.


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