April 25, 2024


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Questions To Ask Your Email Hosting Provider

7 Questions You Need to Ask Before Choosing Web Hosting

When buying Domain Email Hosting or selecting Email Hosting providers in Australia, one should do proper research and ask various questions from Australian Email Hosting providers. 

Choosing reliable Australian Domain hosts and Email Hosting providers is essential to build a strong online presence and seamless communication. So, what questions do you have to ask the Email Hosting provider to make the right decision? Keep reading this article to find the answer.

Questions To Ask Your Email Hosting Provider

  1. What is the storage capacity and attachment size limit?

First, you must ask your Email Hosting providers about the storage option, capacity and limit. 

Also, look for the limit provided for the attachment and ask about the restrictions on storage limits. It will help you to know whether they are meeting your needs or not. 

  1. What are some security measures they provide?

Whether it is Web Hosting or Email Hosting, security is non-negotiable. A study shows that over three billion phishing emails are sent daily. 

This makes it essential to ask your Email Hosting provider about the various security measures and tools they implement in the hosting environment to ensure the safety of email data and offer secure and encrypted communications. 

Look for firewalls, malware scanners, encryption protocols and more.

  1. What is the uptime guarantee?

Another important question you have to ask your Email Hosting provider is their uptime guarantee. 

Higher uptime means higher accessibility to the website when users try to access it. Thus, look for an Email Hosting provider who offers a minimum 99.9% uptime guarantee. 

Also, look at the past uptime records and proven results to make an informed decision.

  1. Will they give scalable plans? 

With time, your business will also grow, requiring more resources, storage and bandwidth. 

It is essential to check with your Email Hosting provider about the scalability of resources and plans. Ensure that they provide scalable plans that will align with your future goals.

  1. Will they provide the mobile access option?

As we all know, mobile is more portable than laptops and desktops, which makes it essential to ask your Email Hosting provider about access to your email on smartphones and tablets. Seamless mobile access will also help you stay connected and responsive while travelling.

  1. How do they provide customer support?

Dedicated customer support is required to avoid technical glitches and quickly address any issues that arise. 

Thus, ask Email Hosting providers for small businesses about the customer support they provide and through which medium they provide support, such as through website live chat, emails, calls, WhatsApp chat, or more. 

It helps you ensure you have dedicated support to maintain seamless communication if needed.

  1. What are their data backup, restoration and recovery plans? 

Another essential question that you have to ask your Email Hosting provider is the backup and restoration of data, which will ensure that important files, data and emails will be safe. 

Also, ask for their disaster recovery plan to mitigate the risk of unexpected incidents such as cyber-attacks and data breaches to ensure the security of your emails.


Selecting the right Email Hosting provider for small businesses is an essential decision. However, you can choose the Email Hosting provider by asking them the right question. Thus, assessing your needs first and then preparing the list of essential questions.

Their answers will help you to determine the best Email Hosting services for your business. Remember, an excellent Email Hosting service is the path to establishing a digital identity and gaining online success.