April 13, 2024


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Riding the Ripstik on Ramps

The Ripstik can be ridden in many areas. You can ride them on the street, on sidewalks, in parking lots, and you can also ride them at your locate skate park with ramps. The ripstik is a very fun board to ride on ramps. You can drop in off the ramps and do some awesome tricks. There are a couple things to remember when learning to ride your board at the street park. Always remember to start small, watch out for others, wear your helmet and pads, and have fun.

Starting small means that you should not go try the largest ramp right at the beginning. Find a small ramp off to the side that is not that steep and begin practicing on that. It is often good to start on ramps with less people so that you do not run into anyone. Once you feel comfortable on the small ramp you can move up to bigger and steeper ramps. When I was learning on my Ripstik I would try starting half way up the big ramps until I got real comfortable. You will catch on quick. By my second trip back to the skate park I was riding from the top of the ramps. I still have not been able to drop in yet, but the ramps that slope down I can ride great.

When you are riding be sure to watch out for other riders. Many people ride many different things at the skate park. You will see guys on skateboards, scooters, bikes and more. Keep an eye on how the other riders are riding and were they are. A collision could cause very bad injuries to everyone involved. You should also watch the other riders to see new tricks or to see how a trick is done. You can learn a lot from skating with and watching other guys on their ripstik.

Remember to wear your pads and helmets when riding ramps. Riding ramps can be very dangerous and it takes more skill then just riding on flat ground or even on hills. The risk of injury is much great so be smart and put on your helmet and knee pads. Knee pads help a lot when riding on ramps because if you need to bail off your board you can land on your knees and ride down the ramp. Sometimes it can be fun to fall onto your knees and ride down. If you look at the pros they all wear helmets and pads. Follow their example.

When you are ready to ride at the skate park always start small, be cautious of other riders and wear your pads. The more you ride the better you will become, and the larger ramps you will be able to ride. Ramps are a ton of fun so grab your Ripstik, a friend, find your local skate park and go ride. Once you have ridden at your local park try finding another skate park that is different to get even better on the Ripstik, and always have fun.