April 25, 2024


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Should You Lease or Purchase an ATM Machine?

As soon as you decide to place an automated teller machine or ATM on your business location, such as a salon, restaurant, or convenience store, you will be able to reach more potential customers than before.

The process can be highly profitable that will provide you peace of mind and increase brand awareness, among other things. People tend to access it numerous times every month, depending on foot traffic density around your store.

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Besides, you can obtain fees from transactions to increase your overall revenue, which may get thousands of dollars annually.

Therefore, if you wish to implement an ATM in your business, it is vital to determine whether you should purchase or rent it. Generally, we cannot provide you an accurate answer to this particular question because it depends on numerous factors.

If you are still unsure about a course of action, we decided to present you with a brief guide that will help you with the decision.

1.Monthly and Upfront Expenses

You should know that the first thing that differentiates buying and leasing includes upfront versus monthly expenses. It is vital to remember that buying an ATM can lead to costly initial investment that may affect your business at first.

It would be best to think about other factors, which is why we decided to present to you everything you should think about before deciding whether you should buy or lease a machine.

  • Leasing – It is vital to remember that if you decide to lease an ATM, you will reduce the initial expenses compared with buying a new one. Of course, you should consider monthly costs for renting, which can be a hundred dollars and more depending on the type of machine you decide to take. Of course, you should consider additional costs as well. If you wish to take the latest model, you will have to spend more due, but you can replace it when the contract ends. Keep in mind that customers have more trust in the latest options, which you need to remember before you make up your mind. Another important consideration is the interest you will get, which is why you should find a good leasing company that will provide you with fixed expenses. You should watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYWHqha2wfk&ab_channel=LargestDams to learn how automated teller machines work.
  • Buying – If you wish to get an automated teller machine, it is essential to spare a high initial investment that will start from a thousand dollars for basic models, and it can go up to ten thousand if you wish to get the latest one. Generally, the installation process is another important consideration when buying, which is why you should compare the prices in the long run before you decide. The latest models are more convenient because they come with the latest features and enhancements, including touchscreen displays and accessibility features for people with hearing impairments and other disabilities.

In case you plan to keep a machine on your premises, buying one can be a better option in the long run. However, if you are unsure whether it will pay itself off, you can lease it to check the market beforehand.

2.Latest Models

We have mentioned above that finding the latest models will bring you more customers because they tend to trust and feel more secured while using the new ones. Of course, the new one will be more expensive, which means that you should determine your budget beforehand.

  • Leasing – You should check with retailers to determine the different models they are leasing. This particular process will provide you more flexibility to find the best model that will match your needs and preferences. At the same time, when the contract ends, you can choose to upgrade a model. Besides, renting will allow you to try different brands and models to decide which one to purchase, especially if that is your end-goal. If you wish to learn everything about increasing your income with ATM machines, there are a lot of sources you can find online so I highly suggest to do some research.
  • Purchasing – If you wish to get the latest model on your business premises, you should spare a large amount for it compared with old ones. It works similarly to buying a car because as soon as you get a new model from a store, price depreciation will start, which means that you will not sell it for the amount you took it. However, having the latest model at your business premises is a much better option for customers than getting an old one that does not come with reliable features.