April 23, 2024


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Significant Tips to Consider in Improving Web Design

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Is your visitor spending five seconds or even more in figuring out your company? If yes, you need to think about the design and the layout of the site. Set up your website properly for it to communicate well with audiences. What more, it must communicate with your clients straight away. 

Below are the significant tips to consider in improving your web design.

Remove Clutter

If there is visual overload you see, it’s needed to do them away. If you like your website to be refreshing and neat, it must not have overlapping images. Give enough space so that there is much breathing space for your content. Maintain only short paragraphs. This will help improve readability.

Improve Navigation

Your site must highlight a positive experience for its users. It should be simple & intuitive navigation. Know first the duration of time the visitors are spending on your website. It should be easy for them to navigate and seek whatever they need from your site. 

Moreover, a map must be provided enabling them to get around. Or else, they will choose another website. The goal of your site is for it to be found. It must then be made SEO-friendly. This will push for an improved online presence. 

Make a Responsive Design

Half of the searches start using a mobile device. If your website is not mobile-friendly, it may mean losing half of all the opportunities. When you push for this one, your site will shrink & will grow based upon the size of the device that it is displayed on. This is what is called responsive design in the web design parlance. Other than going responsive, a unique mobile version for your site is also to be achieved. Nonetheless, a responsive design is still the best for SEO.

Use Great Photos

A picture tells a thousand words. This best applies when it comes to web design. And a great photo can make a big difference between a great and an average one. Don’t use stock photos since they don’t look professional. Keep in mind that the website images best represent your staff and your corporate spirit. Better to use photos of your office and your employees. Capture these photos as they go about their tasks. This may include them sitting at their desks or talking on the phone.

Create Fresh Content

When you change the window display of your physical store, you must also supply fresh content. This will include the home page and the landing page. For one, nobody likes it seeing the same content every day. This is the same with Amazon. The platform always has its new content, deals, & sales. The result of this is that Amazon is seen as something up-to-the-moment and relevant. 

Enable Visitors of Scrolling Your Site

The homepage must not be designed any longer. Thus, consider the elements of the website like showing of videos, the proposition of value, about us information, service overview, showing off some testimonials, showing of important resources, and showing case studies. 

Create a Meaningful Logo

If your logo means anything, it’s when it speaks much about your business. It must have a unique quality or a professional quality. Your logo equates to your image. Thus, it should reflect the culture, the personality, and the potentiality of your products and services offered. So, spend more of your time on the logo created. Work with a professional on graphic design. This is the only way to come up with a recognizable and appealing one. 

Apply Different Color Combinations

Some specific color combinations would convert better than any other. However, it may change on a periodic basis. It’s better if you do an A/B split test. Change the CTAs or the colors of the buttons. See if you will get more improved conversions. Wait as well if you get longer views on the page.

Make the Site Easier When It Loads

If your website is taking longer times to load, it’s when it’s having an issue. It’s also likely the way it is programmed. Plus, you might have some issues with the types of images or videos embedded in it. Seek help from a professional website designer. This is for you to clean up the codes easily.

Remove the Creative Fonts

Just opt for one or two fonts on your site. This is better than being too clever or too creative. It can be difficult to read overly ornate fonts. They may only annoy your visitors. They may even clutter up the overall feel and look of your site. They may remove the spotlight away for some important elements. 

Guide the Visitors On What They Should Do

It’s true that CTAs are an essential element of web design. They can help visitors in navigating the site. In addition to that, they help in telling your brand story. Your B2B website can become successful if it has different CTAs. It will as well vary on the action desired, the web page, and the part of the story.

Now as the visitors have landed on the homepage of your B2B website, they may have no idea who you are and what products and services you’re offering. Great call-to-actions will invite them more to learn more. They will view your portfolio and visit your blogs, too. 

The thing about the CTAs is that they act as a direction. This is true in guiding potential leads to the next step of your brand story. And thus, they are kept engaged. So, check your CTAs. They should best match the journey of your potential client.

Make Things Easy

Ask if the phone number is found on every page and on the home page. Is it located on the bottom or on top of the page? The visitors must easily find how to call you with one click. If the answer is yes, it’s when your web design is doing well. It’s better to add more contact points to your site. Make it as super easy as possible. This way, they will easily get in touch with your company. 

So, since the website is the front side of your shop, it should be maintained attractive, organized, and easy to single out. Use great photos and maintain fresh content. Make navigation easier. Remove any clutter. It should likewise be made responsive. 

Keep all these tips to improve your web design!