June 13, 2024


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Sleep Number adds a smart bed for kids


Sleep Number

LAS VEGAS — Sleep Number targeted well-heeled early adopters last year with its $8,000 X12 smart bed. This year it has a more approachable model, with its new SleepIQ Kids Bed coming in at a more down-to-earth $1,000. (International pricing and availability has not yet been announced.) It doesn’t have two adjustable mattresses like its predecessor, but it makes up for it with charming, kid-appropriate smart features.

According to Sleep Number, the SleepIQ Kids Bed will adjust to accommodate the growing bodies of your children. As their bodies change, so will the support given by their mattress. Sleep Number promises to optimize the surface for comfort and spinal alignment.

Scoring sleep

It’ll also monitor presence in bed, average breathing, heart rate, and movement to get a sense of how well they’re sleeping. The app will track this with a score and let you input information about their day with them, so together you can learn what goes into a good night’s rest.

Rounding out the features, the app can notify you when your child gets out of bed in the middle of the night. It can also flip on a soft light underneath the bed to guide them back after they’ve gotten up for a glass of water. Parents can control that light remotely, so it can stay on for reassurance as they drift to sleep without needing to be left on all night.

No more monsters

Thankfully, the app includes a monster detector, so if your child needs to make sure there’s nothing creepy and crawly under the bed, they can use the app to do so. I’m guessing parents might check this more than once themselves.


Sleep Number

Sleep Number seems to have thought of everything to encourage a long, healthy night of rest. The app screenshots show checklists for before bed and a reminder of the time you and your child are shooting for. The dashboard displays every family member together, with the sleep score for the previous night, so you know who you need to help, even if it’s yourself.


The Sleep Number SleepIQ Kids Bed will be available from the company’s website and at their retail locations later this year. $1,000 is still extremely steep for a mattress and we’ve yet to test how well this technology actually works, but if sleep is an issue for your little one, it has enough friendly features that it stands to be genuinely helpful in making night time less scary. Monsters be warned.

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