June 13, 2024


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The Advent 7203 Laptop – A Review

If you want quality and a laptop that is ready to perform then the Advent 7203 laptop is a great option, in simplicity. I mean that the design of the laptop PC is pretty standard, really, nothing special to look at but the Advent laptop comes with some pretty cool specs that will have you working away in no time at all.

Advent 7203 is powered with a dual core Intel Core T5300 with a clock speed of 1.73 gigahertz. With this you can tackle the most demanding applications and programs. To give outstanding computing experience Advent take Genuine Windows Vista (R) Home Premium as the operating interface of this laptop. To hold this operating system is one gigabyte of random access memory which is really adequate. It has 80 gigabytes of back up memory to store your files and to save other computer applications.

You can view your computer operations through the 15.4 inche WXGA wide screen display. The images are enhanced with an Integrated memory chip which have a graphic memory of up to 128 megabytes. Watch your favorite movies on DVD by employing the use of a built-in DVD Super Multi Dual Layer which is also capable of burning DVD discs for storage purposes.

It is also wireless enabled so you can enjoy using the Internet whenever you are on the go. Advent 7203 has 4 USB ports for connectivity to other computer peripherals, 1 firewire connection, 3 hours of battery life, and a modem type of 56 kbps. All this features compacted in a laptop that is only 2.7 kg in weight. You can choose to have a silver or black colored 7203 laptop depending on your preferences.

Altogether, there is nothing really special with this laptop. It has a very good viewing screen. But the problem is that the keyboard makes a clatter like noise which is irritating to some people. Advent 7203 is a very portable laptop for the casual user.