April 13, 2024


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The Belkin WeMo Maker Kit makes its debut

The $80 Belkin WeMo Maker Kit, available for preorder starting today, was first announced at CES earlier this year. A bit of a departure from the rest of Belkin’s home automation line, the Maker Kit isn’t meant for DIY beginners.

Instead, it lets folks with significant electrical know-how monitor and control pretty much any low-voltage device — from garage door openers to sprinkler systems, motors and more — remotely. This gives more advanced tinkerers the tools they need to turn basic DC switch-powered products into smart home products that you can schedule and turn on or off on demand straight from Belkin’s WeMo Android or iOS app.



In addition to wiring into low voltage devices, you can also use the WeMo Maker to keep an eye on 5V DC sensors on your compatible device. This includes light, motion, moisture, temperature, flame and carbon monoxide detectors so you can always see what’s going on at home.

The WeMo Maker also works alongside other WeMo products and integrates with IFTTT for triggered recipes that make use of email, SMS, Facebook and Twitter.

Belkin’s WeMo Maker Kit isn’t the most glamorous smart home product we’ve ever seen, but it falls in line with FirstBuild’s $20 Green Bean and other maker-based products that let particularly hands-on DIYers automate something aside from the more traditional lights and plug-in modules. The $80 Belkin WeMo Maker Kit is available for preorder now with shipping slated for November 18.

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