April 13, 2024


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The Eugene Wi-Fi scanner will tell you if you should recycle your trash

The Eugene Wi-Fi scanner will tell you if your food containers are recyclable.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Garbage might be the next big thing to hit this year’s CES. First, we saw the GeniCan, a Wi-Fi-enabled attachment for your garbage cans that scans the bar codes of your empty food containers to build a grocery list and automatically order items you need through Amazon’s Dash Replenishment service. And on Tuesday night, a French company called Uzer demonstrated the Eugene, another Wi-Fi-enabled scanner that reads the bar codes on your garbage and tells you if you can recycle the container.

The makers of Eugene said they want the scanner to be available in the US and the UK by the end of 2017 for $99 and £99, respectively.

The Eugene is about as big as a fist, and you mount it to the wall above your garbage or recycling bin. After you’ve devoured a box of your favorite snack, you wave the bar code of your empty food container in front of the Eugene, and it will tell you if you can recycle it or throw it away.

Like the GeniCan, you can also use the Eugene’s app to build grocery lists based on the items you toss and order more groceries from retailers like Amazon or Walmart. The Eugene app, however, will also use the information on the amount of goods that you’ve recycled to tell you how much energy you’ve saved by recycling.

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