June 17, 2024


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This is Volkswagen’s electric car for 2020

Here it is, Internet: Volkswagen’s fully-electric, all-new hatch for the year 2020. It’s called the I.D, and it is the first VW that will form a much bigger fleet of electric vehicles. Because, y’know, The Future and all that jazz.

Details at the moment are thin, but we can tell you it is powered by a 125kW electric motor that promises a range of between 400km to 600km – up to 373 miles, basically.

It sits on VW’s Modular Electric Drive kit, which, as we explained last year, uses a flat-floor type battery to accommodate more electrical storage than today’s e-Golf. The I.D is also the first compact VW to be spun off this new electric platform.

“The MEB platform can cover all the brands,” VW’s Herbert Diess told TG.com last year, “covering cars bigger and smaller than the Golf, with ranges of 300-500km.

“It’s much easier to make full use of the electric technology if you dedicate a platform to it. We have enough scale to dedicate one of our platforms to electromobility,” he added.

The design DNA is important here too, because it’s the signature for VW’s zero-emission cars. Looks pretty handy to TG.com’s eyes, and we’re promised such things as “an entirely new spatial experience” and a multifunction steering wheel that fully retracts into the dashboard when in autonomous mode.

Ah yes, self-driving rears its head again. Though this car is scheduled for a 2020 launch, VW reckons that by 2025, it’ll also be available with full autonomous capabilities. It even, says VW, will receive parcels for you using a new delivery service if you’re not at home. How very sweet.

By the time the self-driving I.D emerges, VW plans to be selling – cue Dr Evil close-up – one million electric cars.

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