June 13, 2024


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Tips for preparing before a family photo session

10 Tips for Preparing for your family photos - A family portrait guide for  families


Clothes that have only one color (plain) are usually the most neutral and are good for family photos. Avoid clothes that have lots of pictures, text, logos or ornaments.

In family photos, the type and color of clothing should be the same between family members so that it depicts a compact and united family.

Avoid cutting your hair just before the photo session. It’s a good idea to cut or change your hairstyle a few days before your photo shoot to make it look and feel more natural.

Avoid wearing excessive and shiny jewelry because it will attract people’s attention to the jewelry rather than the person. You can use service from Oahu Family photographer

Tips for women

  • Avoid dark make-up, especially around the eyes and cheeks
  • Wear clothes and accessories that are brightly colored but not too “charged”
  • Avoid wearing glossy lipstick because it will reflect light so that on the lips there will be white spots
  • Avoid glossy lotions because they can reflect light
  • Don’t worry too much about pimples or freckles on the face because they can be cleaned easily after the photo is taken

Be wise in choosing clothes. Clothes that are too tight or too loose can make you look fatter. Shirts/blouses that don’t have sleeves can make the arms look bigger. The color of the underwear should also match the color of the clothes. If the color is light, then you should wear leather-colored underwear. Meanwhile, if the clothes are dark or black, you should wear dark or black underwear too.

Tips for men

It is not recommended to wear undershirts such as t-shirts or white singlets because they can appear on the neck or sleeves. A clean shave is recommended before the photo session as it is difficult to repair after the photo is taken.