April 23, 2024


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Triple Glazing Facts You Need to Know

Double-glazed and uPVC windows are not a new thing; however, few people know of or have heard about triple-glazed windows. So, what are the facts surrounding triple glazing? Why is it the next big thing that has builders and homeowners switching to triple-glazed windows?

Triple glazing follows the same principles of double glazing in that there in inert gas inserted between glass panes. As the name suggests, this technique of glazing involves three glass panes. The inert gas used is mostly argon and it inserted in the space between the three panes. With the multiple layers of glass, there is more prevention of heat loss and this leads to increase energy efficiency in the home during winter.

Interestingly, the opinions about triple glazing differ. But experts say that the triple-glazed windows do live up to their hype. You might be forgiven to think that the gas used is Krypton and not argon. And with the window framing being insulated, the overall package is a product that guarantees complete money-saving energy efficiency.

Triple Glazing Guide & Costs

When you install triple-glazed windows in your home or office, you potentially will reduce the energy costs while also making the place warmer, quieter, and safer. Investing in triple glazing for an average 2-bedroom house will cost around £2,500. As for the framing, you can choose between Aluminium and uPVC and the cost will depend on the material you pick.

Doing the same thing for a 4-bedroom house that has around 15 windows can cost between £6,500 and £8,000, depending on the frame material and window profiles you want.

Should You Use Triple-Glazed Windows?

If you want an ultra-quiet indoor environment for your office or home while also enjoying enhanced energy efficiency, then you should invest in triple glazed windows. But keep in mind that reaping the benefits of such an investment over the short-term will not be possible since the savings of such a construction decision accumulate over the years. Fortunately, upgrades to the triple glazing will cost relatively the same as the double glazing.

To get the most out of your investment, you should let a professional install the triple glazed windows for you. To find such professionals and the right triple glazing, do a quick online search for triple-glazed windows in your local area – for example, KJM Group.

What If You Already Have Double-Glazed Windows?

It is possible for you to upgrade your double-glazed windows into triple-glazed ones. You might find companies that do such a thing. You, however, must do some background checks to ensure that you are working with the right professionals. Get quotes from at least three top candidates you know are worth hiring. Upgrading your existing windows to triple glazing will set you back a few bucks but not as much as purchasing and installed new ones.

Closing Remarks

Triple glazing is still yet to catch on for many builders and homeowners, but it is something that is very promising when it comes to improving energy efficiency levels in any home or office building.