April 25, 2024


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Verizon’s Galaxy S20 5G UW with mmWave support arrives on June 4

So far Verizon has been missing one member of Samsung’s Galaxy S20 family, the ‘junior’ S20. The carrier has been selling the S20+ and S20 Ultra, but the S20 has taken a longer time making its way to Big Red because of 5G. Namely, Verizon’s mmWave flavor of 5G which it’s marketing as 5G UW (or 5G UWB). The S20 models sold by other carriers don’t support mmWave, and so Samsung has been busy making a special version of the S20 just for Verizon, with that connectivity baked in. This is finally almost ready to launch.

Verizon is calling it the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G UW, and the carrier will start taking pre-orders for it on May 21. It’s going to be available on June 4.

Verizon's Galaxy S20 5G UW with mmWave support arrives on June 4

The mmWave-endowed S20 can be yours for $999.99 outright, or 24 monthly installments of $41.66. The carrier will offer what is essentially a buy one, get one free deal, in which you can get $1,000 promo credit applied over 24 months to your bill, if you buy two units and you add a new Unlimited line of service.

If that doesn’t float your boat and you just want one S20, you can get $150 off its full price, also applied as bill credits over two years. Existing customers can save up to 50{8c54160eed80eb00ac4f5d74c8785e95142d89daf570f201b81dc7fdc31059f3} with an additional $350 savings when you upgrade to an S20 and trade-in an eligible smartphone, and have an active Verizon premium Unlimited plan (Above, Beyond, Do, Play, or Get). And finally for the deals section, if you buy an S20 on a device payment plan you can also save $150 on select Samsung tablets and $100 on select Samsung wearables.

The Galaxy S20 5G UW will be available in Cloud Pink, Cosmic Gray, and Cloud White, with 128GB of built-in storage.


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