July 24, 2024


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Vivo S1 Pro The best choice for photography

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With the development of technology in smartphones, now we can enjoy very good graphic photos, as time goes by we don’t have to bother buying the best cameras, even with smartphones we can make good graphic photos.

Now we can use smartphones from Vivo, this brand is well known in terms of good and sophisticated photography and innovation, one of the products from Vivo which is very reliable in the field of photography is the Vivo S1 pro, this smartphone is indeed very superior in terms of shooting images clear and nice.

On the camera aspect, Vivo has embedded five cameras in the S1 Pro. The five cameras consist of four rear cameras and one front camera.

The four rear cameras of the S1 Pro consist of a 48 MP AI (f / 1.8) main camera, 8 MP Super Wide-Angle (f / 2.2), 2 MP Super Macro (f / 2.4), and 2 MP Depth Camera (f / 2.4). As a side note, the main camera of this phone is just 12 MP resolution. However, Vivo has embedded Quad Camera’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology which will increase the existing pixel size.

So, is the photo quality of this rear camera as attractive as the design? With these specifications, the Vivo S1 Pro main camera can produce good photos insufficient light conditions.

The 12 MP default mode from the main camera can produce natural colors with vivid details. Meanwhile, if you activate the 48 MP AI mode, the photo details will be clearer than the default mode.

For the super-wide-angle camera, we can capture images up to 120 degrees. Even though it has a wide enough angle, unfortunately, the resulting photo has annoying light noise.

On a macro camera, the S1 Pro allows us to photograph objects from a distance of up to 4 cm. The photos from this macro camera are quite detailed, even though the resulting colors are a little faded.

For fans of Selvi and photography, Vivo S1 Pro is a smartphone that is very helpful in the field of photography and photography work, so don’t hesitate to choose this product.