June 13, 2024


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Watch over your yard with Hive’s new View Outdoor camera

Hive has a new security camera, this time it’s weatherproof and designed to go outside.


Smart home security company Hive on Monday announced a new camera, the Hive View Outdoor. The weatherproof camera, designed jointly with Yves Béhar, is available for preorder starting today and will start shipping in December.

The Hive View Outdoor costs $199/£179. At the current exchange rate, the US price converts to roughly AU$280. We don’t have information on international availability. 

The View Outdoor has HD live streaming, night vision, and motion, sound and people detection. It also offers 24-hour free cloud video clip storage. 

Pay an optional monthly fee to get 30 days of saved video clips. 

Customizable activity zones and auto-sounds like a dog’s bark are in the works as well. 

We really liked the indoor-only Hive View Camera we tested back in January. Its uniquely stylish design and impressive performance helped it stand out among other DIY home security cameras. 

We’re interested to test out the outdoor version when it becomes available later this year.

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The Hive View is one of the best-looking cameras yet


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