April 22, 2024


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What Are The Different Linux Distros Available For VPS Hosting?

When you are looking for web hosting plans, there are many options to choose from. The popular options include Shared Hosting, Virtual Server Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, etc. In recent years, VPS Hosting plans have evolved as a preferred hosting type since they are the perfect median between Shared and Dedicated Hosting services. VPS Hosting plans are available in two variants with respect to the operating system – Windows and Linux VPS Hosting. A Linux-based plan is preferred to a Windows-based plan due to the range of benefits offered by Linux – the open-source operating system. If you are planning to move to a Linux VPS Server Hosting plan, then you will have to choose the distro or distribution that you want on the server. 

In this article, we will talk about the different Linux Distros available to help you make the right choice.

What is a Linux Distro?

Linux is an open-source operating system. This means that unlike Windows, Linux is not made by a single organization. Different developers work on different parts like the Linux Kernel, the GNU shell, the X server, the desktop environment, etc. These open-source software are distributed in the source code form. This allows users to take the source code from the developer and assemble it yourself.

However, this can be a highly technical and time-consuming process. This is where Linux distribution or distros step in. They take the source code from the developers and choose the combination to create an OS. They create easy-to-install packages, allowing you to start using the system immediately. There are various Linux distros available, making the choice difficult for a site owner. Here is a quick look at some popular distros preferred by VPS users.

1. Ubuntu

Most people who have used Linux might have heard about Ubuntu. This is one of the best Linux distros around primarily due to the intuitive nature of its GUI. Ubuntu is especially preferred by site owners using Linux cPanel VPS Hosting plans. It is easy to install and has one of the best commercial supports in the industry.

2. Red Hat Linux

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is well-known for being innovative and offering top-notch client support. It is designed for organizations and can run seamlessly with almost any VPS Server. It is available in free and paid versions.


SLES or the SUSE Enterprise Linux Server is one of the most stable distros and easy to maintain. Its best feature is the team of technical experts available around the clock to help users troubleshoot issues within the agreed timelines.

4. Xandros

Most computer users are more familiar with Windows as compared to Linux. Hence, even if they might opt for a Linux VPS with cPanel for the web hosting needs, they might still do a lot of work on a Windows machine. For such users, if the Linux server can connect with Windows, they can work more seamlessly and efficiently. Xandros syncs perfectly with Windows making it ideal for such users.

5. Debian

Many users find Debian to be the best Linux distro for web server hosting since it is easier and has the support of a large online community. It is highly stable and has over 29000 packages ready to install. Debian is used to create many other distros like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and Vyatta.

Summing Up

Most distros allow you to reap the benefits of Linux, and a Linux VPS cPanel Hosting service allows you to enjoy the benefits of having a Dedicated Server-like hosting environment at a marginal cost. However, choosing the right distro can make a huge difference in the way you manage your site and keep it secure. Hence, ensure that you understand these distros well before choosing the VPS Hosting plan. Good Luck!

No matter your choice of Linux distro, you have to ensure optimum security for your VPS Server. Check out the below video for a guide to securing your Linux VPS Server –